5x50 Day? I've stopped counting..... but todays 5k was eventful

So far each day has passed quite uneventfully, I either walk or run or run/walk at least 5k a day.

It has been getting a little boring to be honest. Until tonight....

Tonight I decided to change the route I usually take for walking my 2 dogs, because I have a shiney new Garmin Forerunner 10 and I wanted to try it out ~ again!!

Big mistake. Didn't realise that at the end of the new track was a field full of cows & calves. Also didn't know that litlle dog was going to turn into a cow herder!! It was only when I heard her excited YIP YIP and a big MOOOOOOOO that I realised this 5k was going to be different :D

Big dog came running back out the way, but little dog wasn't having any of it NOOOO WAAAAYYY, she was off, rounding them all up and running them down the field. There was me screaming like a banshee trying to call her back while clambering over a stile, but she was in THE ZONE and her selective hearing had kicked in.

I watched in horror as she herded them to the bottom of the field, through a gap in the hedge and into the next field. She was running round them, through them, under them, just a small black blur.... they were going in all directions trying to get out of her way.... Thank goodness there was a complete hedge in this field, she could've took them for miles... o_O

There was nothing else for it, I had to run over the field to get to the field she was in and then over a double stile, with big dog following completely bewildered at my screaming and huffing. Running in wellies through cow pats and ankle length grass is not easy!!! And have you ever tried to get a Great Dane through those small gaps they leave next to the stiles????

So what happens when I'm in a field full of cows being herded towards me by my dog? Yep, I just stand there screaming at her to 'COME' while big dog is just looking at me like I've lost the plot.

Eventually she came back, complete with a couple of hoof prints on her back where she had clearly been clobbered by the cows. I have no sympathy for her, she gave me the fright of my life and has ended up covered in cow poo...... :-/

She was straight on the lead and practically dragged over the fields back to the track to continue our walk.... thank goodness the FR10 doesn't have a heart rate monitor!!

Tomorrow I shall continue with boring! :)


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  • Oh my...I read this 15 minutes ago...I haven't stopped laughing yet!!! Gdeann and I are from a bit of the USA that thrives on dogs...cattle...and cattle dogs!!! Her brother would pay good money for a dog that could round up cattle as well as your little one did!! I have tears in my eyes as I laugh and type this!!! Thank you!!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!!!

  • At the time I was furious, I would've put her on the next plane over to you myself!! But when I think about it now it makes me smile, picturing all these HUGE cows being rounded up by this little dog.

    In future I shall choose my route more carefully :)

  • You have made my day doggymum :-) reminded me of the time my dog escaped and spent a wonderful (from her point of view at least) ten minutes rolling in a freshly 'manured' field... :O

    It was into the bath with her... wouldn't have minded so much if it hadn't been after 10 at night... :-/ Don't you just love dogs...

    I've got a Forerunner 10 ordered too, should be here soon - let us know how you find yours.

  • Hi Mitts, psarapsych here again :-)... can you tell me what a Forerunner 10 is?

  • sites.garmin.com/forerunner10/

    They're just out new on the market. There's also the forerunner 110 which has a heart monitor function too.

    Can't wait to try mine out! :-)

  • They are certainly a law unto themselves aren't they, she absolutely stunk!

    So far I really like the FR 10, I haven't had a chance to try out Garmin Connect yet though, all being well I shall have a go tonight. Its nice and easy to use, which is good for me!

  • Haha Doggymum. Certainly not boring! Cows and their calves can be a dangerous combination. Sounds like a very plucky little dog. And I love your walking/running challenge of 5 x50.

  • There was a lot of MOOing going on which was quite scary, looking back I can laugh about it, but at the time I was just filled with adrenaline trying to get her back. Usually I would avaid a field full of cows like the plague!

  • I am laughing here too lol. I have one dog that would ignore the cows and the other would be scared stiff despite the fact that she is half rottie and supposed to be bred for cattle herding

  • That explains a few things! The rescue centre told us she was half rottie, half labrador but we weren't sure as she is only a small dog (20kgs) although she has got rottie markings. My husband had a good chuckle this morning over it too!

  • same as ours then as her other half is also labrador lol. She is much bigger though at around 39kgs she has a labrador head with a rottie body and is mainly black with hints of brown where rotties have tan markings

  • You didn't get any cow poo on those running shoes, did you? ;-) We do love our animals, though at times we can wonder why. :-) Cute blog! Question, will she live to run with you again? :-) :-) If it consoles you my hubby (smhall) has selective hearing also. :-)

  • Thankfully I wasn't wwearing my very expensive running trainers. Our route is very muddy right now so I always have my wellington boots on. I wouldn't have been at all pleased if my trainers were covered in cow poo as well as the dog!! LOL

    She is forgiven, however after watching her speed yesterday I think my dream of cani-x (canine cross country) is just a dream, she would pull me over :O

    My husband too has selective hearing, it must be a 'man' gene, although sometimes it works in my favour.... 'no dear, I told you I was buying that!'..... :D

  • Sounds manic!! Just trying to picture you getting a great dane through a doggy stile.....

  • Not just any Great Dane - a one eyed Great Dane!! She lost her left eye as a puppy (previous owner abuse) so her eyesight range to find small gaps isn't great LOL

  • I've just read that a woman in Wiltshire has been found dead in a field, after being trampled by cows. She was walking her dog. So you may have had a lucky escape!

  • I just read that too... poor woman. I stuck to the tried and tested route tonight, although with the light now starting to fade it won't be an option for much longer :(

  • What a great blog, but I'm sure you were quite worried, it reminded me of a YouTube video where a dog chases deer.



  • LOL - yes, it was a bit similar....... only it was PENNY!!

  • Be careful. I've been charged by cows protecting calves when walking my dogs. Farmers take a pretty dim view of dogs chasing their livestock and have been known to reach for a gun in my area.

  • They do round by me too, so I know we were really lucky. Usually the field is empty which is why I took the track, but I have learnt my lesson we are never going that way again. EVER!

  • hysterical, thank you so much for sharing! Well done on the 5 x50, I'm in awe :-)

  • And I'm shattered!!! :D LOL

  • Oh dear me...lucky escape for you. I used to work as a vet nurse and had a westie bought in that had been trampled by a herd of cows with calves at foot. It was horrendous, the most awful injuries i ever saw whilst nursing. He didn't survive. I would never go into a field with cows that's have calves at foot, they can be seriously nasty!

  • Yes, we were very lucky. I would never knowingly put myself or my dogs in danger. It was just unfortunate they were there, and the dog can run waaaaaayyy faster than me. I have vowed never to go that way again unless they are both 'buckled up' quite a way before the end of the track. Once bitten, twice shy I'm afraid.

  • Hi Doggy Mum - I'm desperate to know... what's a 5x50??? I think some others have asked the same question elsewhere. Please put us out of our misery :-)!!!

  • Its a challenge to raise funds for Sport Relief, I'll put the link below. Basically, you do 5k, by any means (running, walking, swimming, cycling etc), every day for 50 days. You don't have to do it all in one go as long as during the day you fit 5k in.


    It started on 9th September and runs to 28th October. It seems to have proved very popular so I think they will probably do it again next year.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Thank you :-) - sounds a great challenge - good luck with it and thank you for the link :-)

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