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First post graduation run !

Just did my first post graduation run and I was determined to push myself a bit further, decided to use W9 podcast and carried on running for the 5 minute warm down then added 5 mins to end and worked out I had covered 5.1k. Does this mean I can do a park run next week or should I speed up first? 40mins for 5k does seem a bit slow but I am thrilled I can do it !! ;)

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do parkrun next week definitely.

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Dont feel you havr to wait longer for parkrun if u fancy it go for it! When i graduated i waited to do parkrun and when i ran it i wished id done sooner. Lots of people come in 40 min or after at ours dont worry about it. Your times will gradually come down. Good luck and congrats on graduating:)


I have registered for it and will do my first one next Saturday. I drove round my route for tonight and made it 5.2K so pretty sure I can do it in under 40 mins with some encouragement and would love to meet some other runners !


definitely do parkrun :D it is for all abilities :D do it !!


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