Embarressing moments!

I am happy to report the completion of week 3 and the start of week 4. Happy squeaks!!!!!

For today's post I thought I would ask. At least I hope I'm not the only person on the planet with this problem!

But has anyone else noticed that after a run if you look down at your trousers it looks like you wet yourself. Then you realise why your getting such odd looks at the gym....

Oh my, still I'm not giving up, maybe it's my fault for excercising in cheap leggings. But you know 100 pounds for running trousers seems expensive to me. Besides does it really fix the problem?????

Anyway. That's items one, item two is even more embarrassing.

Girls what do you do for a bra? I find mine get soaked and it started to rub horribly and then I'm trying to play with my bra during a run to ease the rub. Surly their is a better solution. Wiser heads I'm sure here know more than me.

Item 3 , how do you make sure your trainers don't pick up that nasty smell of smelly feet???

Ohh and my final question. In week 4 what if I fail the first run. Do you just keep repeating whole weak until can succeed at all three?


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33 Replies

  • Running tights can be bought cheaply, even the good ones like Nike Filament, are under 30 quid. Proper running shoes have aerated woven uppers, designed to keepmyoumfrom having wet feet, again can be bought reasonable cheaply, eg karrimor tempo etc from sportsd. Bra wise, if you are well endowed then your best bet would be to lash out on a Shock Absorber one

    Don't think about failing runs. Just go slow and you'll be fine. Why not run outside. It's more fun ☺

  • Out side in Baku is 30 + I'm not sure I could run 10 meters in it

  • Mm maybe when Im In England I can buy but out here everything costs a lot more.

  • Where are you Pesky?

  • I'm in Azerbiajan in Baku their capital.

  • Oooh! How cool! There are so many people from different countries doing this mad running thing! Nice to meet you!

  • I just work abroad. I don't like the pay in the UK or the weather.

  • Ha ha. You got me there?

    Here in Blighty it feels unseasonably chilly 😊

  • I will gladly send you some heat. I have the air conditioning on here it's soo hot even at night.

  • Okay - get a nice, comfy running bra or s level 3 or 4 sports bra. Shock Absorber run bras are great - and the older model with the two back clips closer together is easy to get cheap now since they have a new one out.

    Smelly shoes - put bicarbonate of soda in them when they're dry. Also, pop them inside a pillowcase tied up and bung them in the washer.

    £100 for running kecks? Uh - never heard of them that expensive but I can't say whether they would hide the fact that you sweat a lot. It's exercise. It's supposed to make us sweat! :p And some people sweat more in different places. I wear super duper running tights that only cost me £15.00 at Sports Direct.com.

    If you fail the first run and succeed at the next two just go on. If you fail at the next one or two - I would repeat.

  • I think I need to look up these running tights are they like normal tights???

  • This are ladies ones, I wear men's because I liked the men's colour better......They're usually quite heavy and thick fabric and may be far too hot for where you are. Ordinary leggings are are light, like ladies stockings...and if you can get some of those maybe that would help.

    Or even just a lighter colour?


    Starfitness.com is another site that sells good cheap tights - More Mile are a very good brand.

    Not entirely sure if they deliver to other countries.

  • Only my opinion, but I'd never, ever, EVER put my running shoes in the washing machine.

  • I am sitting in bed with a thermal dressing gown on. Flaming June ey😊

  • Oh my that's cold. I'm in UK in 3 weeks I hope it's warmer then. I will be in London, but working and unlikely to have any free time for shopping trips.

  • SD probably never shuts 😊

  • Ok it's 3:30am time I got my tail in bed. Tomorrow is a new gym day, considering trying week 4 run one or might take a day run rest. But I'm not sure.

    Today I walked and ran a total of 7km so I'm proud of myself. That's why the coffee treat!

    Anyway night all

  • I second the suggestion to buy a good bra. Mine is a 'Moving comfort' brand, it does the job. I wore a less supportive one for a little while - if a run goes wrong it's rather painful afterwards due to the rubbing. As for the sweaty trousers - not much help. My entire body sweat seems to pore out of my face and head like a waterfall. The rest of me stays (comparatively) dry.

  • I have moving comfort bras as well and they don't rub even when sweaty. And maybe swap to sweat wicking shorts to keep you a bit cooler, if that's culturally ok where you are. I have Nike 'rival' ones and they're lovely and cool (though not beautiful!)

  • I have two shock absorber bras which are amazing, no movement at all! As for bottoms, I've discovered a similar problem, mine are grey and a couple of times I've had the sweaty crutch look which is highly unattractive, however, the trousers are so comfy and held up now by a safety pin as I've lost weight and can't bear to throw them away as they are so comfy that I can live with a wet patch or two! I'm starting to suffer with chaffing in strange places and boils! Amazing what this running lark does to us!!

  • Try lanacane for chafing. I chafe like nobody's business (currently have weeping friction burns down my back from where I forgot to put lanacane under my backpack. Ugly!) but when I remember to use it, it really does the trick and isn't as gross and messy and slimy as Vaseline.

  • I'd recommend Freya running bras I really struggle to find decent sports bras as a 34 GG not many options are available!

    Freya bras lock you in & there's no movement at all.

    Sports direct deliver so even if you don't get time to go shopping in London maybe you could get them delivered to wherever you are staying? Their Karrimoor running tights are great.

    Good luck :)

  • I have bought the shock absorber bra from less bounce online


    Add one size to your normal bra size. I have a great deal to pack into my bra and with the shock absorber no bounce !

  • Well done for completing week 3. Squeak squeak!

    Make sure any running clothing is made with wicking fabric which means the sweat is "wicked" away from the skin leaving you dry. You can get these from any decent sports shop or Amazon and there are a variety of prices available from cheap to ridiculously expensive, but just read the label first.

    Regarding the bra rub, put Vaseline or bodyglide (Amazon again) on your skin before putting on your bra and that will reduce the rubbing and protect the skin.

    About the trainers - you have good suggestions above but there's some debate about whether you should put shoes in the washing machine as that might destroy the cushioning. I personally wouldn't but if you put talc or b. Soda in them and then stuff them with newspapers that should get rid of any smells.

    Don't think abou failing a run. The programme is designed to prepare you for each run and as long as you run very slowly you should be ok.

  • Squeak offers some lucky cheese. I'm really happy I did week 4 run 1 too today. I should of had a break but I'm soo worried about my break that I want to get as much down as I can before then

  • A sports bra that both encapsulates and compresses is vital if you are at all well endowed (I am a 36H). I have tried a variety of sports bras and always fall back to Berleii Shockabsorbers.

  • I did a miracle today. I ran, I really did. I completed week 1. Yipppee, and I'm out celebrating with a steak. My first in a long time.

  • I draw the line at a bra. I wear a compression top instead.

    Aldi do cheap running (compression) tights. If you don't like the sweat marks, then wear a pair of split shorts on top. Sportpursuit, sportsdirect, amazon, ebay, etc all do running tights, so just look around till something good/cheap comes up.

    If you didn't quite finish w4r1, you can either try again, or do w3r3 again then try w4r1 again. No worries about repeating. I did several repeats, but it's a good idea to complete all the runs before moving on.

  • Today was my rest day. So I did a walk for 4 min run as fast as I could challenge for one min and repeat.

    I got to just under thirty min and I broke the tread mill. Squeak!!! Talk about scary they thing would not stop. So I used the emergency stop. To make it respond.

    I am bad with machines I often seem to break the things. In one year I once broke ten vacume cleaners.

    I know I'm a jinx. But I did not let it put me off. I told staff at the gym about the machine and then got on another. But then I had to guess my time as I was not sure. Unfortunately as the machine crashed it did not record today's excercise. Still I made the effort to try. I think that's all that matters.

    Today's treat for success. I bought a pe skirt with shorts.

  • Tomorrow I hope to do run 2 of week 4. Crosses fingers.

  • Today I did it. Only one small hiccup. The treadmill stopped as I accidentally hit the emergency stop and it reset when I was on the last 5 min run. I was not sure how much of it I had done. So I did the 5 min again to be sure.

    Then added a bonus repeat of one circuit trying as fast as I could. I think I did ok.

    Roll on week 4 run 3. I will not let you beat me!

  • Today is a rest day and so is tomorrow. I feel strange resting I want to go to gym.

  • Today I had a nice surprise. My boss told me I did not need to work this evening. I'm doing this afternoon instead. So I had time for the gym.

    I went and completed week 4. Yippee. I did an extra 3 min and 5 min run. As I wanted to see if I could run faster. As I did the the other runs on a treadmill at 6.3. I did the extra runs at 7.2. Which I thought was a little more respectable.

    I am happy I managed it. In total I ran for 25 minutes. As I did one min extra on my challenge after hill climb on treadmill.

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