Couch to 5K

eventually I get back on here!

omg im so glad to get back on here ,

wouldn't let me sign in etc.

well I last posted on here 3 weeks ago wen I was on week 3.

im now finishing my wk6r3 tomorrow! !!

I cant believe ive got this far without repeating any of the weeks! :)

before starting this I couldn't even run for a bus without nearly dying lol.

I know it will get harder from now and more intense, but I am determined to complete this!!

I have allways wanted to do a charity run

but never had the confidence to.

but my aim now is to complete this and aim for my first 5k charity run . fingers crossed now.

then hopefully next year I will be ready forthe 10k. thanx to eeveryone on here for your advice and support its amazing.

and good luck to all of you we can do this

keep going!!!! :) :)

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I am sorry you have had trouble. Glad you got back on again and things are going well. Sounds like you have a great plan there for your running future. Happy running.


Thank you :)


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