Couch to 5K


First post - but feeling so pleased with myself that I thought I ought to pass on my enthusiasm!!

I didn't think I would get this far - even stood on the treadmill this morning, I doubted my ability to run for 5 minutes - let alone to do 5 minutes twice!

I have done each week for 4 runs rather than 3 (don't know why - it just feels right for me) so it will take me longer to complete the course, but Hey! it's simply changed my attitude to running, having not run since I was basically forced to in school many, many years ago.

I really look forward to getting my trainers on and starting, if I can do this - then anyone can......

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Brilliant! Well done - you're well on the way \o/


Well done you! That's brilliant :-)


Well done. And good for you for adapting the program to how you like it. It's amazing how good this program is. I saw a group of junior high students running the same field I was forced to years ago and remembered how much I hated it. Too bad they don't teach kids with c25k.


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