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facing the fear

I'm back in sunny blighty, relaxed and ever so slightly (not) heavier. I did a gym run yesterday and it wasn't good. I managed 20 very slow minutes, and felt terrible. I hoped it was just the travelling.

Today I decided I needed to try again. I went to the local park and ran three laps. There were dogs!!! But I tried really hard to ignore them. I only had to divert twice and I stopped to walk around bigger dogs a couple of times. 4.5 miles in 49 minutes. Very slow I know, but outside and with dogs.

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Welcome back xxx

Well done on taking the step to overcoming your fear.

Baby steps xxx


thanks PP. I'm going to try at least one long run a week and I just can't do it in the gym. Wasn't too bad. Most of the dogs are on leads, it's the ones that aren't that are the problem.

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Really well done. Keep at it. No speed is too slow, especially given the canine factor x


Good for you rmnsuk. The more you do it, the more confident you'll feel and the less dogs will react. And what a joy to get some outside time in - must feel great for those long ones.


Well done rmnsuk, my tip to you is to keep moving so the dogs won't think you are a tree and pee on your leg !!! 😁

Oh, and I checked the web on Parkrun in Australia, and it states that dogs can come but have to be on a short leash or harness. So those runners with extendable leash are not doing the right thing. You may want to enquire with your local Parkrun if you have this issue.

Good luck, woof woof


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