Anglesey HM Race Report

Anglesey HM Race Report

What an amazing day this has been for me and thank you everyone who has supported me, here, on FB and GarminConnect. Apart from the 5K RfL last year this is my first proper race and I felt so very nervous about the whole affair. I've only ever done one Parkrun and although it was good I like running alone with the freedom to go when and where I want, so the thought of running with so many people felt quite daunting and I was very grateful for the company of one daughter and 2 yr old grandchild to the start line. I dutifully placed myself somewhere in the middle between the 2 hour and 2.5 hour flags as I was hoping to finish in around 2hr 15mins. Off went the starting gun thingy and we slowly started edging towards the start line. Said 2 year old immediately threw a strop as I set off because she wanted to run with Grandma! :o But soon all was left behind and the shuffle turned into a jog as we set off over the bridge. The air was cool and the sky full of grey cloud but it was the most perfect day for running. The start was slow and there were so many people running together that there was very little room for manoeuver down the narrow streets at the start. Once out onto the open road things became a little more relaxed and off we headed to Beaumaris. There was a clear view across the straits to the snow capped mountains and I was so pleased that all those people who had traveled miles to come here could at least see how beautiful it is here today. For a short while I ran alongside a lovely lady from the Wirral while we had a bit of a natter. Such a pleasant diversion. For me this was a perfect opportunity to run along this route as it's certainly quite treacherous when there are cars on the road so although I know it so well it was lovely to be able to run it without the need to flatten myself against a wall or zig zag across the road for the sake of visibility (only done twice on a quiet Sunday morning!).

Before I had even reached the halfway point a young man came flying up in the opposite direction as if he had wings on his feet. Such a determined look on his face as his lovely long stride carried him past us like a whirlwind. I was awestruck! I later found out he finished in 1:09:43!

So on past the beautiful Beaumaris Castle where I got cheered on by a friend I haven't seen in years! Then turning up the hill to do the loop back towards Beaumaris again. Lovely to see flocks of birds twisting and turning low above the water and an unseen sun casting a light on the mountains so the white tops shone out to give a most stunning view. I do so love this place :) Amongst the sounds of feet on the road and the sounds of people breathing I felt myself carried along by this tide of humanity, t-shirts depicting the many different causes close to people's hearts. On past the gothic towers of Plas Rhianfa with the smoke breathing dragon and onto the home stretch. The jingling of those little blue cow bells was getting louder as was the cheering, searching for familiar faces in the crowd and an overwhelming feeling crossing the finish line. Yes! So, so totally on a high!

Unofficial chip time is 2:02:20 so way better than I had expected. Plus I got a 10K PB of 56:44. Still grinning, still amazed and finding it hard to believe.


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45 Replies

  • Nice write up and great achievement, a most worthy cause.

  • Massive congratulations! What a fantastic achievement and super quick time! Completely inspiring! Lovely pic and bling - you look so happy☺!

  • Thanks! Still smiling today and still can't quite believe it! :D

  • What a great run report & what an awsome achievement.

    Congratulations Hillbean ☺x

  • Thanks xx

  • A great report hillbean. Almost felt that I was running that with you :)

    Well done 👍

  • Oh wow, I love your post. I was with you all the way in my mind. What a beautiful run. And a medal! Very nice. I do 5k in 38 or 39 minutes so how amazing to me is your PB of 56.44 for 10k.

    Great picture. Good on you hilbean

  • I can't quite believe any of it! I really never expected to be carried along by the tide like that. I suspect going back to my normal runs won't be anything like that fast lol :D

    Thank you!

  • Awww absolutely brilliant hail , so pleased for you , a great run and a superb time plus a 10k on . Outstanding day I would say :D

  • Absolutely! And on mother's day too so had a lovely box of chocolates to celebrate :D

  • Beautiful post, beautiful photograph!

    Well done you... all your efforts have paid off and in such a beautiful area!

    The run sounds to have been amazing, I have a lovely image of you running and your grandchild running after you :)

    One of my friends was there watching too..she has a house on Anglesey.. she said it was amazing.

    After that run, no wonder, you have such a lovely smile...

    hilbean you are an inspiration!

  • Thanks! I've been grinning like a fool ever since :)

  • I just passed by Healthunlocked to find inspiration to restart the C25K and yours was the first post I saw! You have obviously been sprouting wings of your own during my skive/absence - what a post! What a result! How inspired am I? Enough to get those blimmin running shoes back on. Thanks H.

  • Come on Slookie. Shake a leg. How did you fall off the wagon?!

  • Yoo Hoo Useit! Wuzzn't my fault, someone undid the wing nuts on the wheels. OK, it was my fault and I might have been negligent vis-a-vis the wing nuts, but they are tightened back up now.

  • Aw Slookie! How did that happen? You were one of my inspirations when I started out on the programme in the first place! Deffo get those shoes back on girl! :D

  • Ooer, no pressure then! Looking forward to tomorrow's trot though.

  • ;) Have fun :D

  • Slookie! You naughty runner you! Get those shoes on now - out the door with you! Missed you! XXXX

  • Wow wow wow! So amazingly well done. You make it sound a breeze and your time was awesome. Fantastic stuff!

  • Thank you!

  • Fantastic Hilary and great post as usual. You have every right to feel pleased with yourself that's a great achievement, is a marathon within your sights now? Nice piece of bling you have there. Hope your legs are not giving any problems today, well done!

  • Thanks Frank! Legs have been absolutely fine today. Woke up with a sore throat though :( But I've still been wandering round with a stupid grin and a dazed look on my face I suspect! ;)

  • You look so happy! What a wonderful picture :) Massive congratulations again, Hilary. You legend! xx

  • Thanks Caz :) xx

  • Wow hilbean! Just wow! That sounds a gorgeous run and what a time too! You must be chuffed to bits with that. Beautiful photo and I love that top. Go girl!

  • I am unbelievably delighted! Never would have dreamt I could do that! The top's a cycling top. I really like them because they have pockets! :D

  • Aw well done Hils!!!!!! Awesome! Absolutely awesome. What a time!!! Not that that matters but I bet you're chuffed all the same. Woohoooo!

    I would give me eye teeth to have run that! Hmmm, mind whirrs.

    Rest up this week then Hils, with some good grub at your disposal as I dare say you'll be ravenous 24/7. You'll not stop smiling for a month!

    That's made my day that has. Thank you xxxxx

  • Deffo still smiling MW! :D Made my day too ;)

  • Congratulations! A beautiful write up and great photo. A half marathon is an accomplishment to be proud of. It sounds like such a lovely place.

  • Thanks. It is absolutely beautiful here but I live here so I'm totally biased :D

  • Wow hilbean!what a great time for your 1st HM! Just brilliant and so glad you enjoyed it!that finish line in sight is quite something isn't it! Very well done and great run report 😊

  • Thank you!

  • Amazing result, and well deserved for all the hard work you have put into the preparation for this race. Well done, you've done us all proud!

  • Thanks Tomas. I have you to thank for that too as I took on a lot of advice that you have offered on this forum and it really helped me plan my training. :)

  • Absolutely brilliant Hilly !

    Many Congratulations to you, what a fantastic achievement ! You describe it all so wonderfully, I could feel myself saying " Come on Hilly ! You can do it , Come on !! " whilst I was reading it .Ha ha !

    Lovely photo and get a load of that bling !

    Well done , you are amazing and an inspiration to us all ! xxx

  • Thanks PP! How're you doing? I've missed seeing your run reports so I'm guessing your on the IC? Hope all is well with you xx

  • Morning Hilly ! I am pleased to say I am not on the IC - Hurrah !

    I don't get on GC much due to my Garmin forever playing up -Pah !

    I'm still out there running my little legs off :-) xxx

  • Oh that's excellent news :) The running not the Garmin obviously xx

  • Brilliant, I'm so pleased for you.

    Currently having laptop problems so not able to go on GC (part being delivered and brother poised to mend!).

    This is a massive thing and I'm delighted you had such a great time 😀🏃☺🎉 xx

  • Sorry! Doing a bit of catch up here! Hope your laptop is fixed soon.

    And thank you. I really felt quite nervous about running with all those people but it was a fantastic experience! :D

  • I am so proud of you! What a result! Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for letting me be part of your journey, your run reports are always fab xx

  • Aw thanks Curly. I certainly wouldn't have come so far if it weren't for you lot sharing it with me xx

  • Finally managed to track this post down. Many many congratulations Hil, this really was a superb run, you must be delighted. It's a beautiful photograph too- definitely one for the mantle piece. Well done :) :) :) :) :)

  • Thanks AM. Doing a bit of catch up here! I'm still smiling about it a week later! :)

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