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Not a good running day :-(

I went out this morning to do Bridge to 10k week 6 run 2 - another 60 minutes, but unfortunately my brain managed to overpower my legs. It didn't feel great from the start, but I kept giving myself little pep talks and trying to find that positive mindset. At 15 mins I felt ok and that I was settling in to it a bit. Five minutes later, without even making a conscious decision, I found myself walking up one of the very same hilly bits that I'd sailed up effortlessly on Monday. I tried to get going again after a minute or two, but it just felt horrible - heavy legs, and my breathing was unbelievably uncomfortable. So I walked home.

I've spent all day since then telling myself that a bad run is still better than no run, not all that many weeks ago 20 mins would have been a triumph, not a failure, and that at least the next run *has* to be better! It's a long time since I've had such a dismal outing, and it's left me totally baffled. :-(

Ah well, onward and upward. I'm away from home next week, so a total change in routine, and I'll get to see some new sights while I'm out. Hopefully I'll find my running mojo there too!

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I had the same thing on Tuesday of this week. I was only going to do 40 ish minutes which is my usual time during the week - same route as I've been doing for months - after 10 minutes it just wasn't right. Heavy legs, stomach ache, thirsty (even though I had had a big drink beforehand). I ended up walking home and feeling rubbish. Wednesday morning - I gave it another go. Same routine but completely different. Smooth run and right into the groove. Ended up being out for over an hour and felt brilliant afterwards. There's no reason for a bad run that I've ever found. You just have to roll with it when it happens and keep on plodding on. If, like me, you walked for most of your 'bad' run then, if you can, get out there again as soon as you can. Just take it as it comes. You can obviously do it - you've already come so far :)

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This happens to all of us from time to time, you seem to have your head in the right place about it though. Did you eat/drink enough before you went out? Start off too fast maybe? Been overdoing things a bit? Sometimes there's no reason why a run isn't what we hoped for, I usually find the next one is super good though! here's to your next super-good run


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