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A fair(l)y good Boxing Day Run

I decided to dress up as a fairy to participate in the local running club Turkey Trot - a 5km run in Nairn.

After many trials making my glitter skirt (5 hours of hand-sewing after the sewing machine 'ate' the fabric), I was happy with my finished ensemble: the said skirt, handmade fairy wings (decorated with a handmade paper flower), and rainbow stripey legwarmers and hairbraids.

The route was a pleasant run along the river heading inland for about 2km and return on the opposite river bank. It was muddy in places, but considering all the rain we've had in the past couple few days, it wasn't as wet as I imagined it would be.

Many of the other runners complimented me on the costume, before, during and after the race. When I was running, every time I passed young children I told them I was sprinkling them with fairy dust.

One guy said grumpily (jokingly) "Humph, I've been passed by a fairy!" and one of the marshals told me to keep on going as I was doing fairly well!

It was surprisingly easy to run in wings (now the gale force winds have gone) and I soon forgot they were there. I'd recommend them,or at least a glittery skirt, to anyone who wishes to add a bit of extra sparkle to their run. :-)

After the last few weeks of aches and pains (possibly periformis syndrome or sciatica or back pain with hamstring strain?) I took it easy today and am delighted that I had no trouble with my back or hip. I'm not going to start going all out yet though, as I may not be 100% just yat and may still need to help from the physio.

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You look truly gorgeous!! Linda


Thank you. I like being colourful! :-)


Love the outfit. Well done on getting out there. Glad it didn't rain on your fairy wings. If those wings weren't handmade I would think you may have been cheating. If you have access to any real magic wands I'm in the market.


I'm still looking for a real magic wand myself.

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Well done love the outfit


Thank you. It is a fun costume.


You are my hero... I think you are just fab...I want an outfit like that too...


Thank you. I'm so not an 'airy fairy' type so went for superhero 'Funky Fairy stylee instead'. :-)


What a great picture and a lovely costume. You made me smile.

Glad your back and hip didn't give you any bother, think you are right to 'ca canny' in the meantime though and hopefully you will back up to 100% soon.


well done, i love your outfit and you must have looked great on the day.


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