Graduating with a new PB :)

I did it! Despite the wind, rain and an unexpected detour to avoid running through the middle of a funeral, I just ran 5km in 33 minutes 15 seconds.

I now have about the same amount of time to have a shower and make myself presentable before picking my daughter up from nursery - it seemed like such a long time when I was running it!

Thanks for all the support on the journey from you lot, I feel a little like when you leave hospital after having a baby and they just let you take it home with you and be a parent with anyone telling you what to do... Laura may have abandoned me but at least I still have you lot! I plan to try just enjoying running and seeing how I go for a couple of weeks before trying those stepping stone podcasts :)


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27 Replies

  • Excellent time Rolyat!!

  • Thanks! Amazed myself there :)

  • Well done and many congratulations Rolyat.

    Just running for the next couple of weeks sounds like a sensible plan.

  • Thank you Dunder, I'm going to do my best but I have a horribly competitive nature (even when competing with myself) and I know that when those two weeks are over I'll be setting my sights on a sub-30minutes 5k ;)

  • Good for you. Take it easy though, the IC is not a nice place.

  • I'm thinking of keeping the running steady and work on losing some of the extra weight I'm carrying. Seems logical to me that running with the same effort whilst *ahem* a few pounds lighter can only help.

  • Well done Roly, a PB and Graduation , a Double Brucie Bonus !

    All the very best to you and I hope you have many more Happy Running adventures ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug :)

  • Well done!!!!! Wooooohooooooo. Congratulations missus, you must be so chuffed. Make sure you apply for your badge!

    Stepping Stones will keep you busy for ages. Mix them up and you'll get the benefit from them. I'm still running them regularly as they crop up on my playlist

    Whatever you do, keep running!

  • No worries there misswobble, I think I'm addicted now... and hubby has just called to let me know that his mate was selling his old Garmin 205 forerunner so he's bought it for me as a 'graduation present'

    I'll have to learn how to use that and bore everyone with my running statistics!

  • Wow, speedy speedy! Well done you, fantastic achievement! Can't believe you haven't got your badge yet ;-)

  • Thanks Ali :) I know! I requested the badge a whole hour ago and it's not here yet, the suspense is killing me ;)

  • Haha :-)

  • Congratulations! That's such a good time for your graduation run.

  • Thank you Widgety :)

  • Congratulations! And well done on the time, that's super fast! I'm two runs behind you and so excited :-D

  • Thanks! Week 9 is very exciting isn't it? Happy runnings for your next 2 runs


  • Many congratulations RA. That's a fantastic time for your graduation run. Gotta be pleased with that :)

  • Thanks! I am pretty chuffed, although I might take it easier for the next few runs!

  • Well done, Amanda (?)! That's a good time, and you'll doubtless be shaving that down fairly quickly over the coming weeks. I just managed the sub-30 myself this morning, and it's a great feeling!

  • Thanks Steve and congratulations on breaking the sub-30 barrier, it's definitely something I'll be aiming for too.

    Amanda :)

  • Fantastic, well done! You should be proud of your achievement and that time, speedy! x :-)

  • Thanks! I haven't been aiming for speed particularly but I do find it hard to run slower!

  • Congratulations Amanda! Graduation and 5k in one go - I hope you feel very proud!

  • I am now I've been reading all these comments! Thank you :)

  • Many congratulation to you on both counts. That's brilliant. Maybe the person in the coffin had been a runner and wouldn't have minded you running through!

    Enjoy your running future whatever you decide to do.

  • Congratulations Rolyat - and that is one impressive time! Look forward to hearing about your next goal....but for now, just enjoy that graduation badge! I am stuck on the injury couch at the mo, so my last two weeks are going to have to wait a bit longer!

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