ParkRun, Ouch

So my 32nd Park Run or Park Shuffle as I like to call it, was horrendous this morning. After less than 1km I was ready to give up, I just couldn't get into my stride (as short as they are) my heart rate was up, I couldn't catch my breath, my left ankle hurt, whinge whinge whinge.

I very nearly gave up, but for one reason and one reason only. I foolishly mentioned in a post yesterday I was hoping for a sub 40min time and I was asked by one of you to "make sure you let us know how it goes"

That request echoed round my head all the way round and I hate you.

So what was the time? A very disappointing 40 min 9 secs. BUT thanks to you horrible lot it was 40min of exercise I very nearly gave up on.

I start week 4 next week, with some trepidation and next week my daughter is competing at a swim meet in Portsmouth so am hoping to give the SouthSea Parkrun ago, which would be lovely by the sea.

Again thank you all, this truly is an amazing site although that doesn't mean I like you!


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22 Replies

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  • Errr.....excuse me Mr Chalfont! You did a 5K parkrun and you're on Week 3 and you did it in 40 minutes? THAT'S damned good old thing! Have patience because by the time Week 9 has come and gone, you'll be knocking them out big stylee.

  • Oi - Not so much of the old. I may feel 100 right now but my birth certificate says I will be 50 in a few month. Haha

  • Firstly... I hope you will forgive me because I think it was me that said to tell us all how it goes ( oops, sorry...) however respect!! I didn't even attempt parkrun till I graduated so you are doing fantastically and that time will come down in no time....well done :)

  • Ha, I've just looked back and yes it was! so thank you (through gritted teeth), when I say I carried on because of your comment that is 100% true. How could I possibly have posted "I gave up"

  • It worked then ;) seriously well done though that's a fab achievement

  • Well done. When you can keep going when you feel that naff, you know you've got it bad! I just turned 50 and it's fabulous!

  • You did a Parkrun after completing Week 3!!! By the time you've finished the C25K programme, you'll be zooming round the course so quickly they'll have to check their timing equipment! I think Parkruns are great because:

    a. you get to whinge about be overtaken by children

    b. ditto men pushing push-chairs

    c. there's always someone just a tiny bit faster who you can chase (and fail to beat)

    d. there's always next week


  • I couldn't agree more. Park run is just amazing and I am lucky enough to have a venue that attacks between 400 and 500 runners every week.

    Today was my 32nd Parkrun over a 20 month period. which has nothing to do with me joining this programme 3 weeks ago obviously. What is different is now more than ever I feel I can carry on and actually start to see my times comes down.

    And the difference is all of you.

    Also what I find amazing is so many Graduates stay members and post and encourage the rest of us. Look above, 5 comments all from Graduates! incredible and thank you all.

  • Southsea Parkrun is my local, it is completely flat, East then west on the prom. Fabulous except when windy, as one or other direction will be hard (2nd leg copped it this morning). Usually around 300 runners, plenty of space for plodders with me at the back. My pb is slower than yours, if you do it next week I may be loloping along behind you.

  • Yes I guessed it could get a bit blowy, so long as the rain isn't coming in sidewise too. I am really looking forward to it, I love the ocean and a flat run will be great. Very few people know there are what feel like mountains at my Park Run in Berkshire.

  • Well done on your parkrunning - great stuff for week 3 !!! Keep us posted ! x

  • Wow well done you, I just don't know how everyone has the confidence to do these runs. I'm in awe!

  • You've graduated! Come on get out there, ParkRun is amazing and unless you live on the moon there is one near you. Believe me I am over 20 stone, lumber round like a bear, scream and shout when it hurts and love it when its over.

  • Well done CC - it can only get better!

  • Well done Chump, I love your posts ....

    Keep going and keep posting ! :-) xxx

  • What a coincidence! I did a ParkRun this morning, and felt exactly the same, really not enjoying it one bit! And my time was also 40.31. It was the volunteers that kept me going, with their encouragement. As for the other runners, don't you just hate all those skinny types who bound around the course, taking huge slow steps that look effortless? And not even having the grace to sweat, or get out of breath? I think they do it on purpose! Bet they wake up on a Saturday morning, and think "I know, I'll go and upset that John by lapping him twice before he's done the first lap!" :)

  • Oh John they drive me crazy, in fact I wrote a letter which was published about all the other runners not trying hard enough. They bound past holding a completely coherent conversation, no sign of sweat, don't need a lung transplant after climbing the mountain the 4km marker is half way up!!

    But its brilliant isn't it? I hated running even when I was young and fit and I hate every step of it now, but I love the ParkRun experience.

    Now I have joined this group I am sure finally 32 runs in I will start to see an improvement.

  • That is a fantastic time and you're only on week 4? Well done. You should be well chuffed with that time 😊

  • Well done CC. It's great that you are doing all this exercise but please try not to overdo it. Have you thought about doing Parkrun as one of your c25k outings as opposed to in addition to?

  • No never entered my head! hahaha.

    Actually I took a sneaky peak at W5R3 and nearly cried, I have never run for 20 minutes non stop and can't imagine that in 7 runs I will be able to. That weekend we are also not able to take part in Park Run (my daughter is a competitive swimmer and it clashes that morning) so I have decided to go to Black Park (where park run is) later on the Saturday and try and do the 20 minute run then. So joking part yes I have and thanks

  • I'm sure 9 seconds is within the margin of error for timing. You probably took the corners wide :). Good for getting out there and not stopping.

  • Very well done CC. A 40minute Parkrun when you're only on w3 is flippin' awesome! Be proud, be very proud indeed!! :)

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