First Parkrun - and to be recommended!

I completed my first Parkrun this morning at Frimley Lodge (follows the canal and railway line - so very flat!) and did 5k in either 31.11 or 31.22 depending on whether I tell you about the text or the email message! It was such a nice thing to do and what really surprised me was to meet people I know!

I bumped into a couple of neighbours who gave me the advice 'to just enjoy it' and then I would come back next week - and I think it was the best advice they could give. I toddled round enjoying the sun starting to break through the fog, the geese and then the family of swans on the canal, the fact that after we had left the start huddle I mainly overtook people (even young men! ok, one young man...) and did a fairly decent time. I was 89th Lady and 3rd in my age group (- which is the very veteran grumpy old bags now I am deb55) out of 4!

I bumped into a builder who did some work for me and have persuaded him to come back! I will pay him to do more things!

I sat in my car so pink and smug I had to drive home with the windows open as I was steaming them up!


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23 Replies

  • Congratulations! Parkrun is great, it is a really good way of maintaining motivation after graduation. I have run 13 times and am aiming for 50 so I can get my red Parkrun 50 shirt!

  • Thanks! and you are getting fab times at park run Aftabs! I am taken by the red shirts too (lets not even think about black ones!).

    How is your dad doing?

  • Thanks! My Dad is doing well, he hasn't been able to run recently because his it's a busy time of year for him (he is a plumber).

  • Well done for being so brave! Sounds altogether a very successful morning!

    Am working up to a park run when I can make it to 5K!

  • Welcome to Parkrunning. Hope you've also put your club as "NHS Couch to 5k" and the results will come up on this site too along with the growing group of C25kers.

  • Indeed I did!

  • Thank you

  • I love ParkRun! So glad you enjoyed it too (and that you're still posting!) I'm still a way off that time, last one was just under 37 minutes, but we do have to run up a cliff lol!

    I'm sure you get a shiny white t-shirt after 10 runs don't you?

  • I think you have to be a junior to get a white tshirt. Someone wore a special hat with candles on for her 100th run and lots of runners brought homemade cake to celebrate!

  • Awww - but I'm a junior in my head!!

  • Speedy lady ... I continue to be impressed. I've been thinking of signing up but then had a look at the Edinburgh parkrun results. At the moment I take about 36.5 minutes to run 5k and I would come about 5th last out of 450 runners - I know folk say not to worry about that but I know I wouldn't like it !

  • I have also been looking at edinburgh park run and at moment I would be sooooo far behind the last runner so don't worry lissiebeth57 !!! I am only on wk 6 so bit to go before graduation but would love to try parkrun before Christmas . I keep telling myself the time doesn't matter but don't want to make a fool of myself . Will try and remember advice given to deb54 and just try and enjoy the run

  • I do the Edinburgh run. Don't worry you won't make a fool of yourself. As everyone says they are friendly events and no time is too slow. Let me know which week you are thinking of doing and if I'm there I'll say hello.

  • Will do, and thanks for that.

  • Can I suggest you go along and volunteer first? People are so friendly that they aren't bothered how long you take. Frimley has about 360 runners and about 12 were 36.5 and longer. When I volunteered the last runner took 48 mins and every one was happy to cheer him on as he was 80+! It is not about the time with parkrun but being there.

    Parkrun is an experience so go and meet some people and see how the morning goes and then join in. I think some of us still carry the damage from school PE (I know it is different now!).

    You are a graduate now so you can join in!

  • Good idea, I might just do that. Thanks.

  • I'm always near the back at my ParkRun, but I still thoroughly enjoy it. Everyone is so supportive and friendly. Give it a go!

  • Thanks for encouraging words from everyone Will let you know when I feel able to do edinburgh parkrun and maybe see wilma and lissiebeth there

  • I found all your comments really encouraging too. I know it is a throw back from school ( and believe me that's a long time for it still to have an impact on me). I will go for it though, and will contact Wilma and fitfor60 before hand. I go to yoga in a Saturday morning so will be looking at going on a Saturday when that's off.

    So pleased it's working out well for you Deb54 (55?) and minxymissk.

  • I'm still really loving this running lark...who'd have thought it! Weight loss still going strong too, now 10st 10½lbs gone :)

  • way to go girl! That is amazing.

    i am still really enjoying it too. tried the stepping stone podcast today but took me 38 minutes to do my 5k instead of 36.5 without anything :) still i am happy to be able to run 38 minutes!!!

  • Wow, MinxyMissK that is brilliant! That is amazing will power and discipline.

  • Thank you. I feel amazing now compared to then, still got a few stone to shift yet though :)

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