W3R1 Done! :)

W3R1 done last night. Considering I've got a few permanent ailments with my lungs and currently have a cold I think I've done not bad. Was coughing and wheezing like mad before I went out but thought at least going to give it a try. Did struggle due to cough/sore throat but am glad I went out and managed it. It can only get easier the further I get through this week. I always find the first run quite tough - I think that's normal though. Yay!! so glad I just went out and done it last night!! I'm going to try go in the mornings if I can !! I find it helps if you put your workout clp

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  • Well done - take care of that cough though!

  • Thanks so much. Feeling better today I have to say...maybe due to it being Friday??!!! Happy weekend anyway :)

  • workout clp evyk? Sorry not familiar. 1st thing runs are the best for me, less traffic & feel ever so slightly smug that I've achieved something before lots of people are even up. Hope the cold improves :-)

  • I posted that without finishing it!! I meant to say it helps if you put your workout clothes on and then your committed and have to go for it!!!

    Feeling better W3R2 tonight ....feeling excited about it!! :)

  • :-) ditto, keep us posted

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