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HELP!!!! Great North Run


I've got a place on the GNR which I've been wanting to do for ages now I'm in my 50th year I finally put my money were my mouth is BUT now it's happening I feel a bit overwhelmed

I run 2-4 times a week usually 5k with an average of 34 mins' but could do with a few suggestions on a starting point on how to move forwards with my training.

I know I have to do longer runs but I've just driven 13 miles in the car and frightened myself, thinking I can't run that far.

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The BUPA website has some really good training plans depending whether you're starting as a beginner, intermediate or experienced.

Don't be frightened by the distance - remember you haven't got to do it tomorrow but will build up very gradually. I did the GNR last year and also have a place for this year. My only takeaway from last year is that lots of what you read suggests that if you can run 10 miles you can run 13. That is true and it is what I did. However, I wish I had run further in training because until you've actually run that distance you can't be sure and those last 3 miles are awfully long! So, my advice would be to aim to at least get close to the the 13 miles before the big day - its just a psychological thing really - untill you've actually done it you can't be sure.

Congratulations on getting your place and good luck with the training. You can do it!


As lolb suggest read through several Half Marathon training plans online and follow/adapt one to suit your needs.

I'd also recommend trying a shorter race (maybe a 10K) before, so the GNR is not your first experience of a race.Training/running on your own is quite different to running with thousands of others! The Northern Running Guide (or Southern- or Scottish-) lists loads of races over the next few months.


Thank you swancot

I had thought that would be my next goal as there's a 10K quite near me in April. So I'll give that a go.


Thank you lolb

I'll take some deep breaths and try and work out a training plan.

My next worry is where to stay and how to get there, getting the place was the easy bit.


My advice on that score is get it booked as soon as possible. Last year I left it late and ended up with very little choice and what there was was VERY expensive. This year I booked our accommodation before I'd even got my place.


Have2run, I'm also in my 50th year (or will be in a couple of weeks time) and have got a place in the GNR too. I also went into a bit of a panic when I found out I got my confirmation!

If you explore some of the links on your confirmation email, you'll find one for setting up a personalised training plan, I've had a little play with it already and it looks really good for building you up nice and gradually.

I've booked my hotel already as I can imagine they'll get booked up quickly. A friend of mine has suggested Jesmond as that is relatively close to the starting line. Oh, and the email also has a link to book transfer back from the finish line too.

Good luck x


Good luck Have2run, you have plenty of time, you'll be fine! And don't forget, a lot of it's psychological.

Just looking at the Northern Run Guide link Swanscot sent. I love how it goes from Ripon, Saltaire, Keswick and Wombwell to Barcelona and Tokyo! What a fab list!


Great news :) I started c25k in October, graduated in December, and am up to 10 miles training for Half marathon 9th march. I have always been slow (39 mins 5k) and haven't worried about improving that, just gone for slow and steady on the distance. I've used a plan I found on line and believe I can do it( even though I'm very overweight). I expect to take 3 hours.

Just started building in gels when running as training takes me out over 2 hours! Also Vaseline for chaffing...

Good luck, enjoy :)


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