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I won a free Bupa Great North 5K place!

I'm so excited!

Just found out I won a free place for the Great North 5K which takes place the day before the Great North Run! I really wanted to take part in this and was willing to pay the entry fee so it's just a bonus I got a free one!

Is anyone else taking part in this run? It's timed using a chip, and wondered, does anyone know where the best place to keep the chip is?!! Haha sounds silly but I'm not sure!

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Well done Jefna! Something to look forward to!

Don't know for sure where the chip goes - the National Lottery Anniversary ones were part of the competitor number that we pinned to our shirts but I have heard of them being attached - somehow - to shoes!


Thank you Dottiemay! Yes I'm really looking forward to it, never thought I'd hear myself say that about running!!

The bib ones sounds a lot easier! I think you're right about the shoelaces, I've been having a scout around the internet and that seems to be the way to do it. Thank you!


That sounds like it will be good fun - enjoy! :)


Thank you!


Great news, how exciting! Well done :)


Thank you, no doubt I'll be letting you all know how it goes!


well done and good luck, I will be there supporting, am volunteering with OXFAM to cheer you guys on :-)


Ah that's great!! Should be a fab day!


Sometimes they are attached to the number or you may get a tag you tie to your laces. Good luck


Hi Jefna

Yes I got one too - I applied weeks ago on a spur of the moment thing then I started to sweat a little as due to one thing and another I haven't been running 3 times a week for a little while.

Still I have 4 weeks to get fit again - I've had a couple of runs this week that went OK and have taken the training plan offer.

Very nervous though - didn't know it was the Quayside thought it would be Exhibition Park or tucked away somewhere.

Spectators? EEEEEK



Ah that's great news!! I'm so pleased another C25Ker is taking part!

Pleased to hear your runs went well this week, sounds like you'll do great on the day!

Haha yes I'm a bit nervous too, but I did the race for life and found the spectators actually help you along! So try not to worry.

I'm more nervous about the fact I run really slow so I think everyone will fly ahead of me!

Let me know what colour wave you're in when you get your pack, if we're in the same one I'll try and find you to say hi!

Good luck!


I'm really slow too but I was honest when I registered so hope to be put with others of a similar ability...

I ran 2k in 20 minutes on Thursday but I'm carrying an injury so took it steady deliberately. My last 5K which was in May was 45mins and I really hope to improve on that over the coming weeks.

And I've learned my lesson with cooling down and stretching too - no more injuries!


Sounds like you're doing the sensible thing taking it easy! Hope you're injury isn't too bad. And I agree about the stretching, I take so long making sure I've done it properly, makes all the difference.

I'm suffering with a shin splint at the moment and I'm only managing to get out twice a week, would prefer 3 times but I need the longer rest in between at the moment.

Let me know how you get on with your training, it'll be great to spur each other on!


Sweet! Nice work. I'd love to take part in the North Run.. it's a bit of a trek from London though. I watched it on the TV last year and it looks rather nice up there!

My wife & I are doing the Great South Run in October... that's a 10 miler around Portsmouth. So excited for that but also rather scared too!

Good luck!


Thanks! Yeah I'd love to do the Great North Run too, but maybe in a year or two!

It's really lovely up here, and it's such an amazing atmosphere on the day of the GNR!

Good luck for your run! Hope the training is going well. Don't be scared...enjoy it!


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