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Half Marathons

I'm progressing well on C25K, and decided to look ahead at attempting a Half Marathon next Spring. I've found there's a local one in March, the Bath Half, which got me excited - something to aim for and train for!

Maybe I'm unrealistic, but I was shocked to learn that it's £42.50 to enter! Am I being unrealistic in thinking that's very expensive to just enter a road race?

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That does seem a bit steep. Then again I have only ran 1 official HM


Great North run was £50 and 10ks I've entered have cost £20 to £25. I don't think it's too bad, not when you think they close roads, provide loos, medical facilities, staff, chip timing, and goodie bags. I think it's just the going rate :) happy running whatever you decide to do!


This does seem about right. The key to getting cheaper entries is to plan well in advance and sign up early.

I've signed up for the Bath Half in 2015 and I think it was about £35 or so back in June/July time.

Good luck!


It is expensive but you get a bit off if you are in a club. I'll be doing Bath too... I did it last year and it's v well organised, nice medal, goody bag, water and energy stops, loo's etc. also the whole of bath will cheer you on with drums, whistles, bands and crazy people! Go for it!!!


Racing in the UK is very steep! In Chile the Color run was £13 and in UK it's £25. I am not sure why maybe because wages in Chile are less (not by much though) maybe it's because we don't get medals at the end of our race. However we do get t-shirts and foot talc (which I love). At the start or end of the race there is the usual fruit, drinks and freebies which the sponsors donate so maybe in the UK this goodie bag is seen as an extra to charge for. Maybe it's because organisers don't have to pay hefty fees for road closures and security, the local police are always present rather than private security firms. Maybe it's because in Chile outdoor fitness is very much geared up, for instance yesterday the government put plans up outside the local church for more plans for more small parks to be created and the cycle route to be improved. Who knows the real answer but when i return to UK I will be picking my races carefully, there is even a race i have entered just after Christmas for £3 (this one I don't have much hope the t-shirt will be much good but last years look ok)


Not having much experience of races - especially in the UK - I can't say, but it seems expensive. But then I've just registered of a HM here in Ireland and that is 45 euros (but most of it goes to a local charity) There are a good few 100% charity races around here - and personally I will only do those in the future ...


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