W8R2 Stormed It!!!

This time last week I was doubting myself after a difficult couple of W7 runs but I've just checked my stats for this mornings W8R2 and am shocked! I ran the middle 3 km at an average speed of 9.2 kph, with my fastest km at 9.7 kph!!!! My fastest km before today was 8.5 kph. No idea how I did it but feeling pretty chuffed with myself *grins smugly*

Was still pretty hard though!

3 Replies

  • Hiya...well done! I found the 25min runs kinda hard but strangely week 8 was easier...maybe I'd convinced myself by then I could do this :)

    Keep it up!

  • Coo, get you, speedy! Very impressive times. Looks like it's plain sailing for you through to graduation :D

  • Haha, thanks but we'll see. I strongly suspect an equipment malfunction tbh!!

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