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The kick up the bum worked - I did it!

Back on track. Thank you for the kick up the backside.

I went back to wk 5 day 1 and did it relatively easily. I got soaked - the heavens opened just as I set off - but at least it meant that I had the towpath completely to myself.

I won't have chance to go again now until Monday. I'm out all day Saturday and I don't want to go Sunday as I'd like to get back to my old routine of Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I think I'll probably repeat wk 5 day 1 again (I am a little OCT about starting a new week on a Monday!!!). But going today made it a definite that I will be back on it again on Monday.

We are off on holiday to Cornwall in two weeks time and that means I'll hopefully be starting wk 7 running near the sea. Bliss. I've already been on Google Earth to look at the lanes around the cottage we are staying at to see if I can work out a route!!

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Glad you had a good run!

A holiday cottage in Cornwall surrounded by countryside and lanes and sea. That sounds lovely --there will be wonderful runs there.

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