Doom and Gloom

Since my run on Monday my right hip/thigh still strangely achey after I've been sitting still for a while. Get twinges when I get up and walk - no massive pain but definite discomfort. Never experienced problems here ever before.

Can ice when at home but obvs not practical at school (secondary Englsh teacher). Starting to feel panicky that I will have to give up running and I hate the idea now. I'm sure I'm being melodramatic and I definitely won't try to run til it's gone but hate the thought of losing momentum and will miss going out while I have to wait it out.

Self pity levels currently high (sorry for whinging).



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12 Replies

  • I think this happening after W9 R1 is making it feel much worse.

  • :( Maybe take an extra rest day or two and see how you feel... I get an achy left knee much of the time - it's often quite painful when I stand up after sitting for a while, but bizarrely doesn't hurt when I run...! I'm working on the basis that as long as running doesn't hurt it, it must be fine to keep going ;)

  • Ha ha! Yes, I'm resting til Friday at least - will see how it goes. I'm not usually this melodramatic about a bit of a twinge. Think I've become obsessed with running and am sulking a bit 😉

  • It's ok - I'd be far more fussy and melodramatic about my knee if it weren't for the fact that Mr Rainbow is currently waiting for a knee op...! ;) Grumping about wanting to run while sensibly taking a few days off is allowed on here :)

  • Phew! H

    ope he gets his op soon. Can't be fun.

  • You've come this far so it's a shame not to to complete the job. You could do the final run and rest after

    There could be some anxiety about it that's causing you to tense up, like pre-race nerves

  • It is a shame but it's definitely something wrong - all my other twinges along the way have gone away within 24 hours. Will cross fingers and see on Friday!

  • Weird - my left thigh / hip is achey, ok running not ok in between. Decided to rest for a few days in the hope it buggers off. Always the same with me, get going really well and then some random part of my body starts playing up - ankle, shin, calf now hip....think it's working its way up my body bit by bit! Grrrrrrr!! How annoying! Hope yours gets better quick ;)

  • Thank you! I'm sitting here with a bag of frozen veg pressed to my thigh as l type! it's sooooo annoying!! Hope yours sorts out soon too. The frustration is immense!

  • You get niggles as new runners. It's to be expected. Rarely are they a sign of anything bring wrong. As you keep running, and get stronger, you should lose the niggles

  • Had a chat with friendly PE teacher chap at school today - he reckons it's inflammation/muscular so off I went when I got home. Managed fine - might just need another extra rest day before tackling The Final Countdown at the weekend!

  • Hope so! Peas at the ready :)

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