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Bank holiday walk

As well as running, I do enjoy a good walk across the fields with the dog(s). This is today's doggy contingent. This was pre-run by the way. You can see they were well up for it! Mind you they had already been walkies as they were up before 6.00 am.

Walking is great for building up your running legs and having a dog to walk is a good way of forcing yourself out when maybe you otherwise wouldn't turn out. These are not my own dogs as I don't own a dog these days. I borrow my neighbour's one and the other is my niece's.

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Ha ha , oh thats a lovely photo Miss W !

Two very contented , sleepy pooches , Ahhhhhh

I can hear the snores from here ha ha :-)

Thanks for posting this xxx


Aah basking in the sunshine :) i went walkies in the rain tonight on the beach, saw 2 runners and wanted to join in, but not maybe in my wellies :( !!!


They look so comfy there, did they come for a run?

Yes, dogs are great to get you out ! Went for a one hour walk with mine, up a hill, nothing strenuous - played fetch on the little beach on the lake shore - a very happy Rowan (as she probably knows that for a while there'll be no more 14 -16 k long runs!)


No they don't run with me. The little one is too slow. He takes ages to go half a yard. I will run with the hound if he wants to run but he tends to go off at tangents. He follows his nose rather than me. He loves long walks and is always full of enthusiasm. The pug is the opposite unfortunately


Ah -they look lovely. Nice to have an excuse to walk.


"We'll just watch her running from here if that's ok".


Ha ha. Yes they were well wedged in there.


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