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W5R2 A Mixed Bag

Hi all,

I had a very mixed run today with both good and bad. Firstly my first 8 minutes I found fairly easy, however my legs seized up on the middle 5 minute walk and found the start of my second run really hard. A big plus is that an 8 minutes run Means that I can now run just over a full lap of the park that I run around, I never thought it would be possible for me to do. The last problem I am having is my fingers swell when I run does anyone have any tips to stop this happening? Also how does everyone cope with the urge to go running 2 days in a row, I an thoroughly enjoying myself and feeling the benefit of running I want to go every day 😀

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Somebody mentioned about the swelling hands the other day. My fingers really swell up, to the point that I now take off my wedding ring when I'm going out for a run. They go back down again after about half an hour once I'm home.


Maybe you can channel your urge to run into a yoga session or a bike ride? Sounds like your running is going well - perhaps you'll need a new route now that you're doing a single lap in 8 minutes!


Tulip73, hi.

After reading your post I have the impression that you might be training too hard and perhaps your legs seized because you are running too fast at the start. Perhaps you could try running the circuit in 10 minutes and see if that improves the situation!?

If the phyiological symptoms continue I would personally suggest you visit your doctor or find a Sports physiotherapist (etc.), and discuss the symptoms with them.

If you have the urge to go out more often then the yoga suggestion is good because it will give you some stretching which may alleviate the leg problem. If yoga is not your thing, try doing brisk walking on the second day.



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