Couch to 5K


Well....went out with my partner and as a result, covered much more ground and had achy legs straight after, but my knees didn't hurt as much at all. I am finding that I don't want to eat huge meals,, which is great and will help with the weight loss!

The last 2 runs of the session...crikey...the 90 sec walk seems to go so fast and I'm sure the runs get longer!....but I did it!!

I have not worn the supports I bought yet....reading a lot of comments and threads on here I've decided to leave them off and see what happens...if the aching gets to pain I will see my GP and get checked out before I wear them :) I think I am just injury shy after damaging an ankle ligament several years ago playing netball......psychological hurdle to get over I think.

Love the motivation of this site!

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As you achieve each length of time you run you will feel great. Keep it up.


Thanks M :)


You're doing great. I run with an ankle support all the time now, but I didn't to start with as I felt daft. I broke my ankle a few years back so it's a weak area. My good friend who ran the Manchester marathon recently so she knows what she's talking about said she wears her ankle support all the time and it seems to keep niggles at bay, so that's why I changed my opinion. It might be better to avoid aches instead of waiting for them, in my humble opinion☺️Xx

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It's difficult to know what to do lol :) I'll play it by ear and listen to my body ;) ..... are you planning to work towards joining your marathon running friend in the future? :D


I'm thinking I'd like to just make running a part of my life. I'm going to play with the 5k runs till the end of may then start a 10k training plan. She's been running a lot longer than me, I'm still only a trainee!!! Can't imagine ever running a marathon!


Sounds like you are doing great! wow 10K!!!!!!!


I know 10k! Wait till you get to the end of the program....changes your perception of what you can achieve! Best of luck and keep posting, it inspires people to keep going!


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