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Week 3 - could be worse!

So I'm onto Week 3, after completing the first and second weeks twice (each) to rule out ANY possibility of shin splints after they crippled me a few years ago. Glad to say that legs remain problem free - hurrah! Now I just need to sort out the constant stitches (why?!) and unexplained back pain. Notwithstanding those niggles, so far I've been looking forward to each run and on rest days have been stretching out the hamstrings at yoga. The splits seem a more achievable goal than 5K right now but Laura IS all powerful and am sure she knows what she's doing. Shout out to all fellow Week 3ers!

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Well done on the progress so far.

For the stitches, make sure you are well hydrated beforehand and breathe deeply and slowly.


Someone recommended doing a few sit ups before a run to help avoid the stitch!

I am on w3 too - w3r3 tomorrow. Found it ok although had to slow right down to be able to keep going. Not looking forward to 5 mins next week!


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