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Colds, colds and colds again

For some reason the last 3 months have been punctuated by some kind of bug or another. I've had a host of colds and bugs, either typical "common cold" or stomach bugs. I seem to get one, it'll hang around for a week or so, then I'll have a clear week (2 if I'm lucky) then I get something else.

Had thought I was passed it, had been free from germs for a fortnight, until waking up on Saturday to the familiar tingle at the back of the nose/throat that signals something is on the way. Felt ok though so still went and did parkrun :)

Didn't feel so great yesterday and today this one has gone to my throat.

It's getting quite depressing!

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The joys of having toddlers. Snot, puke, and have you encountered the delights of head lice yet? You will! Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks x

I actually think one of the twins caught it from me. I started with it Saturday morning, Saturday night he was a grotty as grotty can be and again last night, although he was mostly ok during the day yesterday.

I don't think the disturbed sleep of recent weeks (has gotten worse for some reason) is helping my cause.

Think I've had 3 hours in total since Saturday :(


Oh no you poor thing. I feel your pain. Kids, eh? We all thought it would be a great idea - I had such high expectations of how lovely it was all going to be and what a fantastic mother I would make .... that lasted until he was about 6 days old. I love him to bits now he's 15, and he makes me so proud sometimes, but we still have our moments ...


Sorry to hear that - it may be the same virus coming back for a second bite - I've heard of loads of people this winter who have struggled to shake things off. Take heart - It can't go on for ever!


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