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Week 2 - advice needed please!

This is my first post, please be kind!

I did run 1 of week 2 last night, which went fine but I had a niggling in my knee once I'd finished and rested.

I started running over a month ago, but was doing it with no guidance and injured my knee, which I thought was due to doing too much. I couldn't run for weeks, hence I found the Couch to 5K to follow.

But now I am worried that I am going to get this bad knee again.

Has anyone experienced the same thing or have any advice? Anything is much appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Gargagestar

And welcome.

Most knee issues (includingmy own) are often caused by lack of strength in certain muscles, esp those who are desk bound.

I would suggest you seek guidance from a (sports) physio if possible (but at £40 plus per consultation....).

Other wise Iwould rest it for a a week or so. Additionally maybe look at strengthening exercises. Again a good physio will be able to support and advise.

There are also numerous knee strengthening exercise routines on youtube. I would also consider taking a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes every day, as this will help your muscles strengthen.

I hope this helps


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Thanks for the advice.

I'm going to give some knee strengthening exercises, see if it that helps!


It's a strength thing. Under utilised muscles are weak so when you give them some work to do they protest

The programme is progressive and broken down into walks with short bursts of running. As you progress through the weeks you will get stronger

Do the sessions Slowly and carefully! Slow but sure is the best way to tackle it

It's fun,so have a good time

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Thanks, I am enjoying it!

I'll try and slow down, and take my time. Let my body catch up!! :)


Extra rest day if you need it and perhaps add some ice after running?

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Slow and very, very steady.. you will hear that all the time. It works.. some simple strength and flex on your rest days too. There are links on the NHS C25K site...:)

Our bodies are really good at telling us things...but sometimes, they protest, simply because things are all new! A sort of, "what the heck is happening"? You will know if it is more than that, so as misswobble and many of us will tell you, go slow... and see how you feel :)


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