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Week 8 run 2. Julie and I did NOT have fun!


I used to enjoy this in the early weeks, look forward to it even.

That is most definitely not the case now.

Week 8 run 2 tonight and I got slower and slower and slower...it was just so hard.

I am waiting to turn that corner but not sure it is going to happen.

I will finish week 9 just out of sheer determination but when that is done will I continue? Not sure. Maybe I should just go back to the more enjoyable walking and running? After all why do we have to run the whole time? Having the odd few minute walk in the middle doesn't stop the health benefits does it?

Any advice?

If I don't enjoy it then I'm not going to do it am I?

Having said that I rise to a challenge but maybe sometimes you have to be realistic about your limitations?

It would be interesting to see any stats about when people who don't complete the programme give up!

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I hit a block on the first run of week 8. Didnt get half thru the run before I felt I couldn't go on. Thought it might have been a bug I was starting with so I stopped for a while then started again back on week 7. I had found week 7 tougher than usual but this time everything was O.K. and i soon moved on and found it easier second time round. Maybe doing 7 until you feel comfortable with it, or redoing 6 and/ or an extra days rest might help.


I'm not an expert my any stretch of the imagination, but are you getting enough nutrition/fuel to help your body do the run?. Also, maybe signing up to do a 5k/10k might be a good aim to stay motivated for.I know from many exoperiences how easy it is to give up when its not enjoyable, especially if there is nothing to work towards!! I also enjoyed the intervals a lot and research says that intervals are great for fitness and weight loss in general. So maybe that will be your fitness regime in the future. Long periods of running are not for everyone. I'm doing this to kickstart my fitness and achieve a 10k in July but in the long term, I would maybe like to do a few 10ks a year and maybe take up Nordic walking which is still intense but not so b*ll breaking! ;-)

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Funnily enough I used to do a lot of Nordic walking and enjoyed it immensely. I think the health benefits are really good and the stress on joints is less. I broke my ankle ( not Nordic walking!) and have not really got back into it. I think you are right. Now that I know that I can run enjoyably maybe I should alternate between intervals, Nordic and the gym (love the rower!).


It does get tougher from now on in, and you might have spotted a couple of posts from us graddies bemoaning the fact that there are still hard days (or weeks) - but I wonder, is it any tougher than starting out in week 1, when I for one felt that running for 1 minute was too massive an ask?

I like tygfuz's suggestion above, or you could try and make it easier for yourself by doing each 'new' distance/time on a slightly easier route, maybe flatter, or even maybe on a treadmill if you can stand the boredom! Then build up to doing the same time but on your more usual route for maybe run 3 of each week. But no harm in repeating a week - and then if you felt up to it you could just run on for a couple of mins through the warmdown walk.

I'm not sure about the walking interval issue - I've just picked up a Bridge to 10K programme that starts with 10 mins running, 1 min walking, all repeated 4 times, so it looks as if it's a technique that some trainers believe in. Would be interesting to hear what others have to say about that?

Do keep going though - you have come so far and could really regret giving up!


its hard. this plan gets you into a mindset that you have to run for the full 30mins & from here on. I still have trouble getting over that in my head, even if I run for over an hour, I still feel it needs to be in one run!

perhaps you are missing the intervals of the first 6 weeks & the realisation that its running non-stop now is getting in the way & giving those running demons something to nag about.

I found listening to my own music was nice after finishing c25k. & being able to find something with a beat that matches your running definately helps. for me, having something to sign along to (in my head ~ I cant possibly sing & run!) makes the tiime go quicker & the running more enjoyable & eventually you stop thinking about running.

dont forget, you are now running for well over 20mins & have been doing so for at least 2 weeks. that is a great achievement :)

good luck :)

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Agree Shelley - including about the music. I was finding it very tough this week, but bought 101 Running Songs and used them for the first time this evening - big difference!! Most didn't match my running pace, but the odd one that did really gave me a boost and I was quicker than usual!


I know how you feel. As you know I did W8R1 yesterday and it was tough though I managed to get through it with sheer stubborn determination. I am finding the longer runs much more challenging mentally. I was also thinking yesterday is it so wrong to walk? I loved the interval runs. I won't walk while I'm still doing this plan, but who knows in the future?

I am looking forward to using my own music in the future like Shelley and Juicy have mentioned and I think that will help. We can do it! :)

Remember it not your body that says you cannot manage it - its your brain; but you are now fitter than you think you are.

Week eight is tough no denying it- I found it useful to break into mental chunks - just concentrate on getting through the next five minutes - don't think about the whole thing

Also, if you are using a treadmill I would switch to a road run - setting actual physical objects you can focus on reaching is much less relentless.

It does get easier. Promise :)

BTW - for those wanting to use their own music - I would recommend the Runkeeper app - free GPS tracking thing which you can set to tell you how many miles or kicks you did; that speaks over, rather than replace, you own personal music

The voice is quite robotic - not as nice as Laura's - but it is a useful too - free as well


Thanks for all your suggestions - good to know that I am not the only one to find week 8 so hard.

I run on the roads but think I will try some different routes and hopefully I am going back to Milford on Sea this weekend so might do week 9 run 1 there. The scenery is so lovely.

I have the 101 running songs discs loaded onto my ipod so think I will do what Minuette is thinking of doing too and finish the week 9 and then look at the options. Possibly construct my own interval training plan to better music.

There again Laura's next podcast will be out in the not to distant future so will definitely look at that.

I feel a bit better today than I did after the run yesterday so will try and stay positive. Who knows, maybe the next one will be easier????

Good luck with run 2 Minuette. The end is in sight - or should that be the beginning?

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Found this on the NHS C25k website."1. Knee pain

Knee pain, also called runner’s knee, can have many causes, such as swelling under the kneecap. Andy Byrne from David Roberts Physiotherapy in Manchester says that knee pain is the most common condition he treats in runners.

What does it feel like?

During your run, you may develop pain at the front of the knee, around the knee or behind the kneecap. The pain may be dull or it could be sharp and severe.

What should I do?

To help knee pain at home, Andy recommends applying ice to the knee and stretching. Hold ice (try a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a damp tea towel) on the painful area for around 20 minutes a few times a day. Never put ice directly on your skin.

To stretch the area, Andy recommends lying on your side with your bad leg on top. Bend your top leg so that your foot goes back towards your bottom, then hold it there with your hand and keep both knees touching. Hold the stretch for at least 45 seconds, breathing deeply and feeling the stretch in the thigh. Repeat this around six times a day.

If the pain is severe or the knee is swollen, see your GP straight away. If your knee pain is not severe, stop running and get it checked by a GP or physiotherapist if the pain doesn’t go away after a week. They can also recommend stretches or exercises to help you recover.

Can I still run?

Don’t run if you have pain in your knee. If you still feel pain after a week’s rest, see your GP or physiotherapist. How soon you can start running again will depend on the cause of your knee pain and how severe it is. Your GP or physiotherapist can advise y

Yes I would like to know good running songs to download onto an ipod

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It depends on your taste - the CD I downloaded (was actually the equivalent of at least 3 CDs) is '101 Running Songs' - lots of fairly classic numbers like Don't Stop Me Now, Keep on Running, I see you Baby, I get Knocked Down....... I thought they'd be OK for parties if I didn't like them for running! I'm still working on creating a playlist as some are slower and I'd like to put in a couple for the warmup walk then a few faster ones and so on.

I've also got some of my son's Green Day on my Zen and that was fun to run to when I just hit the button randomly the other day. Anything with strong drumming should be good!

You’ve done so well. Don’t give up, maybe take a break of more than a day? I’ve just started week 8 and run 1 was sooooo slow, felt very sluggish, very few endorphins kicked in at the end but I will carry on. Good luck!

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