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The curse of Run 2 ... This time in week 7

well I gave it a go tonight, nose still a bit full, but the eyes and throat aren't itchy (yay finally the Hayfever tabs must be in my system) so apart from doing a lot of mouth breathing everything should of been set to go good, but it didn't go good I didn't run 25 minutes in one go, I don't know wither it was because I had the kids in the park whilst I ran round or it was a bit much after a full days biking or what but it just didn't happen ... I am not going to let this be a set back, I'm going to try again ... I will conquer Run 2 !!!

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If at first you don't succeed, exactly.


Good luck Smokey ! There's no shame in doing another run again. You will nail it, keep going ! :-) xxx


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