New shoes

New shoes

Well, I bit the bullet and went and got some new shoes today and am almost embarrassed to say I had my very first gait analysis done too. How weird is that! Never having been on a treadmill I found the whole experience quite intimidating! I certainly don't think I walk on those things naturally let alone run so hats off to all you treadmill runners out there as I really don't think I could do that for any length of time at all! Anyway, he seemed to get what he needed and showed me the result after different shoes so hopefully these will do the job nicely. Just need to wear them in a bit now :) Oh and they're more purple than pink :)

I know I was going to have an extra rest day after my long run yesterday but now I have to say I'm feeling very tempted to do a slow short one tomorrow...


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30 Replies

  • Nice. According to Asics, they are "Grape" and white.

  • They are... uhmm... colourful is the first word that springs to mind ;)

    Congrats with the new shoes. I hope they will last you for many hundreds miles and protect your feet well.

  • Er, yes they are! Certainly a far cry from my black ones that have served me so well so far! I seem to be getting more adventurous in my choice of running kit as well running routes :o

  • Oh well done I hope your feet are going to feel alright in them. They look pretty fab.

  • Me too. Saw what you said on my previous post about feet. Thanks! :) I think it's partly my shoes as they're a very snug fit - fine for the shorter distances but my feet, like the rest of me, get very hot (even in cold weather). BUT I will certainly take on board the idea that it could well be partly the sudden increase in distance. Tomas suggested I have a more gentle week next week rather than do another really long run and I think I will do that too. It should certainly help to prepare my feet and help to run my new shoes in :D

  • 👍

  • Ooh new shoes! They look lovely! Enjoy

  • Love them!

  • I love them they look nice and cheery, I hope they make you smile when you look down at your feet :)

  • I'm wearing them now :) Just to wear them in of course ;)

  • They're lovely! Hope that they'll make the ride more enjoyable. I found my sherbet lemon/garish pink ones loud to start with, and now I have the garish pink T-shirt to match it :)

  • Hmmm.... yes, funny how this running malarkey changes your fashion sense :D I've always tended to like more muted colours but when you're running on country roads with no pavements you really do need to be seen! :D

  • You were cruising doing 20k, with these new Bobby dazzlers you will be flying along! 😊 safe and happy running.

  • I certainly hope so :D Short test run tomorrow methinks

  • Very nice!

    Totally agree on the treadmill thing. When I had my gait analysed I don't know who was laughing more at my treadmill running - the man in the shop or me :)

  • Thanks! Yeah, the treadmill thing :( The guy in the shop could tell I was really nervous about it so he didn't laugh TOO loudly but I took my daughter with me and well.... she thought it was hilarious :D

  • Yes - the man in the shop was really nice. It was definitely me that started laughing first. ....

  • You can't beat a new pair of shoes... very nice :-)

  • Oooo fabby. I love the colour 😀 I'm hoping to get some tomorrow if I can get away from work on time. Enjoy them!

  • Thanks. Hope you can get away from work in time I do hope you'll post a piccy in time honoured tradition :)

  • Just love new shoes, may they keep you in comfort for many miles!!

  • I have the same shoes, though not in 'grape'. They are really comfy. Hope you get on with them,

  • Oooo nice. Think I'm a tiny bit in love :)

  • Ooooh look at them babies !

    Oh Hilly, you so deserve to treat yourself, you lovely lady xxx

    I hope they make you feel as if youre running on air.

    Mind you, the distances youre doing at the minute , you are ha ha :-)

    Gorgeous shoes , love the colours ......

    Happy Feet :-) xxx

  • New shoes, oohhhh! Very nice indeed, hope you thoroughly enjoy testing them out x

  • Gorgeous shoes and and I just love those colours! I hope they bring you joyful, injury free running hilbean.

  • Thems goods uns Hils!!!! Lovely colour. Yeah, deffo try em out tomorrow. I'd have gone out in em straight away. I'd be so excited. I don't get out much.

    I found the treadmill an ordeal. Good job it was soon over. I fell over and had to grab the rail and the young lass had to catch me. I'd only done about four steps. Oops.

    I was running today and thinking how much I liked my new shoes. Happy feet indeed

  • I did try them out and they were fab :D Off for a bit of marathon walking training in them today. Happy days :D

  • Very smart! No sleeping in them though :-)

  • OOh, they're pretty, I want them!

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