W7R1 oh ohhhh :(

If you share your highs you have to admit your failures as well. And today, I failed my run.

As the runs get longer, the distance grows equally. Today, having to run 25 minutes, I explored a new part of road, which went quite downhill. All went well for the first half, but at the bottom of the hill I had to turn (12 1/2mins) and just couldn't make it up the hill. When I walked up I just couldn't resume my run back, as I was totally out of my rythm. Having the sun high as well, is probably also not helping. So, back to W6D2 and 3 for the rest of the week, and try again next week! Minor satback, but not my first failure (did week 3 twice as well!) STAYING POSITIVE!


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7 Replies

  • Its horrible when this happens, I had a major fail on the start of w9 last night, so I know exactly how you feel but we will not be beaten!!! :)

  • Hey, never mind - you were out there running, that's what's important! Why backtrack so far? Just find an alternative without hills and do that run again, no reason it shouldn't work! Exploring and changing distance and time probably don't make good room mates... Just changing my route throws me out! I'm going to explore a new route too for the very reasons you describe, but I'll do it by Google maps and car first to check for hills and dead ends.

  • I failed one run once, don't let it put you off, I got some good advice on here, although difficult were I live, try to avoid hills for now and introduce them once you feel more comfortable.

  • Thanks! Bit difficult here as well as I live on one, and within 3.5k I can avoid going down, but now it gets longer I have to go down somewhere lol. It's that or repeating a same stretch of road (which I already do double as I back track on myself). I will make it one day, I am sure :)

  • Just a minor setback RD, you will smash it next time.

  • As mfamilias says, just repeat the run until you crack it, no need to go backwards!

    I went running with an experienced runner and her advice on hills is not to look at the whole thing but concentrate on getting to a spot 10 yards away, when you hit it, do the same again. Take slightly shorter strides and lean into it a bit.

    Good luck, you can do it.

  • We don't use the "F" word here you know, it's not a failure, it's just one little part of the programme you haven't finished yet. As everyone says you were out running so success! I did C25K in a hilly area, so I understand your difficulties, just take them very slowly. I'm back in the place where I learnt to run, the hills seem a bit easier now almost a year on. You'll get to that stage too, xx

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