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Less than fantastic run :-(

Doh! I wanted and planned to do min 6.5K tonight (more if I felt up to it) and was excited about going out and doing it. When I started to run, however, my legs weren't right - sometimes they're not at the start - so I just carried on, telling myself I'd settle in soon - and I did, kind of, but not really - I pushed myself through 5K and my legs still felt so odd and not right that I stopped. Tried again after a few paces, but they immediately didn't feel right :-( wasn't sure whether I could damage something and really don't want that, so I came home :-( first time I've EVER stopped before finishing but it really seemed wisest thing to do :-( Anyway felt less down by the time I had showered and changed. 5K is 5K after all! I wonder if it could be caffeine withdrawal? Just two very weak cups today instead of my 20 mugs you could stand a spoon in? Sure gave me headaches and tiredness - guess it could have upset legs too?

Ah well, there's always Wednesday :-)

Happy running all x

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Hey, Potty, you ran 5K! there are days with and days without. Don't over-analyse - the more you concentrate on your legs 'not feeling right", the more they get embarrassed and tie themselves in knots. So think about something else -what you're going to have for dinner or whether David Cameron wears undies with teddy bears printed on them, and your legs will sort themselves out. If they don't, then no big deal - it'll be better next time, no worries.


Hi Potty, it's only 2 minutes since you graduated!! Don't forget how far you've come so quickly, you're doing amazing :)


Annoying when the plans don't come together, but try not to beat yourself up, better luck next time Potty!


Maybe write an R on your right shoe and L on your left one? 🍷


As you say 5K is 5k. There will always be another run😃


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