Smashed the mental gremlins and elephant legs

I planned on a 5.5 mile after-work run but immediately on starting my legs felt so heavy I thought they belonged to an elephant. My head screamed "stop", but I plodded on and on. I reckoned I might let myself stop after 5k but not before.

It was really hard work and I could have stopped so many times but out of sheer bl***y - mindedness I refused to stop and even went an extra near mile. Result - my first 10k run (or just over) in just under 60 minutes.

Mind over matter


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  • That's so brilliant!!!!!!! Well done :D Hope you feel very proud of that achievement it's fantastic. :D

  • Yep, very pleased. I had to go for a good long warm down walk to calm down. The pink sky was a really lovely reward

  • Fantastic Yvette, well done and such a great time too! When's your half marathon? ;-)

  • Very funny old_git! I seem to be much better running on my own. Not sure the race scene suits me but I'll persevere with Parkrun at present and see if I can get the racing bug there

  • That is a fantastic time! Here I am congratulating myself on my run and you do a quarter of an hour faster!

  • Well done to you too!

  • Well done - Such a great time too.

    It just goes to show that stubbornness really pays off. Ha ha :)

  • Yep, I can really do stubborn. I'm a Taurus!

  • Sheer b****y mindedness? Sounds just like me! :-)

    I hate being beaten (this only applies to me and my mind, as it happens - I'm not actually that competitive versus other people), and this just drives me on.

    Perhaps this is the characteristic that makes runners, rather than having an athletic body - just as well for me!

    Well done on your achievement!

  • Many thanks!

  • Great stuff Yvette, that shows real guts and determination. Very respectable time too. :)

  • Thanks AncientMum

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