5k is getting less strenuous

This morning I went out for my 4th 5k and for the first time I felt alright all the way. I actually enjoyed every minute of it.

Maybe it was because I have had two rest days rather than one, maybe I ate the right combination of things for breakfast, maybe it was because it is not so hot today, maybe it is because I have lost a few kilos and carry around less excess weight - maybe I am just getting fitter!

Whatever the reason, I am really, really happy about it. This is what I am aiming for - being able to run 5k comfortably.

If next weekend's 5k is the same, it is time for new goals...


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  • Amazing! Who knows about the reason behind... You are nailing it and I agree, sounds like time to adjust the target ๐Ÿค—

  • I want to do one more comfortable 5k before I step it up a bit - but I will soon :-)

  • That's brilliant.. I'm sure the combination of everything you have listed all combined..that's why.. and your positive frame of mind.. determination and love of running..

    Smasing progress iben..

    Yes the time has come to try out that 10% rule:)


  • Thank you, I'm sure you are right that it is a combination of things that made it work out so well today. I think I will do one more week like this one, then step it up a bit...

  • Slow and steady???? :) That is our girl:)

  • Sounds great. I've experienced sort of the same thing - I'm getting faster and am recovering more quickly. I'm sure weight loss helps as well as being a side effect. Still find running difficult in the moment, definitely not easy - but I'm improving! My next challenge is 5.5k!

  • I'm afraid I'm not getting faster yet, but that's probably a matter of pushing myself harder. I don't feel like doing that though...

  • Excellent news - great to hear. Keep rocking those runs!

  • Thanks and I will!

  • The run has a reason, that the runner does not understand...in other words, the why, is not important, but the how, is the thing!!! And you felt fine :)

    Wow... you are really making good ground, and looking forward to new adventures.

  • I felt so fine! one of my best runs. Not in terms of speed. But just pleasant. So nice.

  • Those runs are just the best... if speed is what people want, that is fine. I just love taking the time, enjoying the run and soaking up everything along the way.:)

    We are all so different and that is what, I feel, makes our running journeys so interesting, and makes for some great reading on this forum. I was out this morning and saw so much...45 mins of pure pleasure... priceless.

    Long may your happy runs continue:)

  • Oh this is great Iben !

    You've been consistently doing your runs and I am so pleased that you are finding it more comfortable, that's what we all want I think, to be able to run comfortably where everything just falls into place and feels good.

    You are listening to your body and being very sensible and it has paid off dividends for you which is great to hear !

    Well done Iben and long may it continue ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug, I'm soooo pleased!

  • It's a great feeling when everything just comes together on a run!

  • It's amazing isn't it, how that happens. Regular steady running just seems to naturally result in increased strength, stamina and fitness.

    Well done you, you're right to be chuffed โ˜บ ๐Ÿƒ xx

  • Thanks pinkangel. Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised about what our bodies can do if we treat them with respect... But I am truly amazed!

  • Sounds like you are ready for a new challenge. I'm looking forward to being where you are- comfortably running 5k. Then I think I will try longer distances as not too bothered about speed.

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