Bad news and good news

So, the Dr called me in, which is never a praticularly good sign.

The chest x-rays from my leptospyrosis show an area of dark matter to the left of my chest. Not possible to tell if it is my heart or my lungs so more scans ahoy. I suggested it might be my soul, but the Doc did not laugh, which is also not a hugely encouraging sign.

On the plus side, however, I can keep running in the meanwhile, so that's a good thing.


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20 Replies

  • Doctors never laugh. Is leptospyrosis what you had after the mud episode?

    I hope you get the scans done quickly and all is ok. Love your dark humour btw. Have you any Irish blood?

  • Oh dear Rignold. Fingers crossed for you. Neither I or my aging friends have escaped the suspicious scans or dodgy blood tests that the senior years bring with them. However we're still all here! Probably a good job you had the lepto diagnosis. Without it the 'dark matter' might not have been spotted this early. Hope it turns out to be a false alarm like so many do. Keep us posted and keep running!

  • good luck.. doctors have no sense of humour I find.. (within the consulting room)

  • Try the old chesnut 'An alcoholic is a person who drinks more than his doctor ' if you want to bet by a stony silence. Vets I find are usually much easier to exchange banter with.

  • Theyre too scared of being sued

  • good luck. At least it is now being looked at. Enjoy your runs :)

  • All the best Rig, lets hope for a good result.

    Reminds me of my medical when I left the Navy, a Female RAF doctor did the old cough and drop test, on cupping the "lads", I suggestion that "I should really at least buy her a drink first?" which was met with stoney silence :(

  • Well, Rignold, that just won't do, I'm afraid! Keep my fingers well and truly crossed for you that it turns out to be nothing sinister. When are your further scans?

  • Lepto - oh, unpleasant stuff. Just hope it's all OK...

    I suspect part of doctors' training is learning to stay poker-faced in all circumstances - I would have laughed at that!

  • Oh Rig xx

    Hope this is sorted out as quickly as possible for you and all is okay xxx

  • Blimey Rig, you sound cheerful in light of that. I wish you well, hope its something and nothing.

  • I hope everything is OK Rig.

    Do you have any symptoms?

  • That must be worrying, even if you're putting on a smile. I hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about, and I hope the additional scans can happen quickly.

  • I had a nice neurologist visit once - when I said I read that MS sufferers were advised to abstain from alcohol, he said if I was holding my glass of wine in my right hand and it was wobbling, hold it in the left hand instead. Sensible chap.

    Hope your dark matter is an anomaly on the xray. I had a chest xray last year, and the hospital bod had put a note on my file to say there was no record of my mastectomy. I know I've got small boobs, but that hurt.

  • Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will soon get the all clear - always better to get it checked out thoroughly. Fingers crossed!

    Enjoy your running meantime.

  • Keep running, keep smiling, Rig.

    Good luck.

  • have been googling possible causes. Hahaha. That's not the thing to do at all.

  • Rig, I know it's hard to do but stop self diagnosing :) hang in there!

  • Yes, good news he's called you in and you can keep running. No, bad news that it's there, whatever it is and that he's not showing a sense of humour! Better to get it checked early though and my fingers are crossed that it's a greasy thumb print on the X-ray from the radiologist's bacon butty.

  • The Dr did not laugh to your joke because he/she is a miserable soul. You keep going👍

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