No way! Me? Really?

When I first found NHS C25K 3 months ago and did my first run, I bragged to my husband how great the podcast was. His response was " oh. It's a phase!" He felt bad right after he said it, and he was very apologetic. But I can understand why he said it.

Prior to C25K, for about a year, I went through phases of buying Zumba DVD', swimming, joining a gym, etc and I always enjoyed them in the beginning, but never stuck to them.

Anyway, I just completed my C25K this weekend.

And I can say why NHS C25K is so effective. It gives you a very clear weekly goal, and when you complete a week, not only do you build your physical stamina, but you also build a tiny bit of self-belief. And Laura (podcast host) is great too.

In the process of running three times a week, my husband now wakes up early with me and he started exercising too.

Good luck everyone.


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17 Replies

  • What a great post & so well done for completing the programme. It is indeed fabby ☺ No stopping you now! Onwards & upwards😃😃

  • Thank you Noaky! I'm starting NHS 5K+ this week and i'm looking forward to it!

  • Funny stuff, this running. I kinda did the podcasts to see if I could, but I'm still running nearly a year later... enjoy your journey xx

  • That's amazing! Yet, I believe you too! How one podcast makes a big difference on our lives!

  • Well done. I've been a serial exerciser and never finishe anything, but this program is so different and inspiring. A great online community makes it all the more enjoyable.

  • Can't agree with you more Kasmcc100! Good luck on your run!

  • Great post. It's amazing how good the program is. And it's wonderful your husband is joining you.

  • Thank you runswithdogs!

    btw, your dogs are lucky they get to go runs with you!

  • I'm a bit like you, but running is something I have stuck with. I don't know why! It just seems to work, and it doesn't get dull like other exercise because you can do different things each run, depending on how you're feeling. Great headspace time as well, when no-one is asking you where the socks are or have you seen my keys or .... well, you know ... I leave the phone at home as well, so no chance of ANYONE interrupting my very deep and meaningful thoughts. Actually, now I come to think of it, I don't think I actually THINK at all when I'm running. Maybe that's why I like it!

  • Thanks for the reply useitorloseit.

    Right now when I run, all I think about is "five more minutes, you can do it" or "oh man, i'm so tired i don't know if I can finish." etc.

    But I can't wait to get to the level where I can just focus on my breathing and have that meditative quality you mentioned!

    It is so true that when we run, we get to have a me-time. It's great way to step away from our hectic life. :)

  • Congratulations! I hope you feel really proud - and well done for inspiring your husband too ( and proving him wrong)

    Now you have to make some future plans for new running adventures to keep you going!

  • Thank you so much! and yes! It feels so great to prove him wrong! and prove myself wrong in a way! :D

    Do you have a recommendation on what to do next after C25K? I'm doing NHS5K+ audiofuel this week, but I don't know what to do a week after.

  • Lovely post. And well done to the both of you :)

  • thank you hilbean!

  • Well done. Sure is an amazing programme.

  • well done. Don't forget your graduation badge :) . My husband was the same - as I never stick to anything. He quickly changed his mind and has now started running with me. He is on week 2, I wouldn't say he is enjoying it but he is seeing the benefits and is sticking with it. Last night we had a lovely run together. Happy Running

  • Thank you PrincessStef! I just asked for the graduation badge! hooray!

    Great to hear your husband doing the run with you. :) Happy Running to you and your husband too! :D

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