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foot cramp after a run?

Has anyone had foot cramp after running? or any other cramp; I suppose the cause is the same? I have been running for a while now and for the first time had a cramp in my foot about 20 minutes after getting back from a run yesterday (7k run followed by 4k bike ride home). I had water before and tea after, so I am not sure it was dehydration that caused it, although of course it is a bit warmer now. anyway, very glad the good weather is upon us and I can now run in the light in the early mornings!

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I used to get cramp in my feet too. I run regularly now and have been doing for quite a while so maybe it's that my body is stronger now than it was. I do drink well during the day so am well hydrated


Could it be salt you need rather than just water? I've a feeling that plays a part in cramp, though am no expert.


yes its more salt than hydration ( i once looked it up for a running friend of mine) - though the two are linked.. if you run than 1 hours you need to replace BOTH ( due to sweating - we remember water forget salt!) but its also (I believe) to do with proper NUTRITION ( right balance carbs/sugars ) beforehand too...

The friend I knew ran a lot and used to suffer a lot.. once she sorted out nutrition/salt/hydration , she didn't get them again)


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