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Anybody else play name that tune?

Hi everyone, first time I've posted on here though I've been following for a couple of weeks and running since Feb. One of the things I'm loving about the podcasts - apart from Laura - is all the soundalike songs. Working out who they remind me of takes my mind off the struggle to get through the run!

In week one there was the take that alike to reward me in the last run, and today I've just completed the 1st run of week 4 and was delighted when a nik kershaw alike came on at the end of the 5min run - perked me up no end!

What other soundalikes have you identified and which are your faves?!

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You obviously haven't come to the "Julie" song yet. Once you reach that one you'll switch from "name that tune" to "strangle the singer" ;)

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Aaah yes, the "Julie" song! ha haaa.


I fell out with the NHS tracks before the end of the second week, spent ages trying to find a way to adapt Laura's instructions and "girl next-door" presence to my own sound tracks, then gave up and downloaded another version where I could choose my own music. It's a pity, cos I was almost expecting Laura to jump out of the hedge, congratulate me and invite me home for a cuppa and a hobnob at the end of each run.


The music is so bad it makes me laugh - I reckon it's all part of the experience!!


Oh, there's a fantastic 'Sister of Mercy'-alike in about week 5. Actually, I had to go and find it... 22 minutes into W5r2. Blatant copy from 'She Sells Sanctuary'. (And again in W5r3).

And I like one song with the lyric "I told ya!" "Gotta go to Vegas" in W6r1 at about 9'00". Not sure I can identify the song it's based on.


It's bit like the Elvis remix of A little more action a little less conversation perhaps?


Sounds like I've got a few more to look forward to!


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