Intervals SUCK... but I ran 8.5k!!

OK two realisations.

1. I am rubbish at intervals. I've tried doing interval training using week 1 a few times, and just been super rubbish! I mapmyrunned it, and it turns out that although i was running faster in the fast bits, my "slow bit" running was barely above walking pace. I will try it once more but i'm not a fan!

2. I CAN run further than I think!! On Saturday I ran by myself and I did 6k for the first time. Then on Sunday I ran with my OH (he was nice and didn't speed off into the distance) and I did 8.5k!! Super chuffed (and a little exhausted), but it's great to know what I can achieve when I push myself.

I did four runs last week, which ached my leggies a bit, so I think this week I'll stick to three!


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8 Replies

  • its only a month since you graduated so I think you are doing brilliant well done on the 8.5k now rest those legs a bit.

  • Thanks! yeah today is definitely going to be a day off!

  • Hi LuciRose, I got a surrise when I went int GoodRunGuide and mapped my route that I had been using for intervals, I needed to work on going uphill really badly cos it was not at all good. After a month of intervals 6.5Km and shorter runs of 2 x laps 3.5Km at a faster pace this morning I went out and did an old favourite 5K route and knocked a whole minute off my PB speed!! I have checked it twice and its right enough so mixing up the type of running seems to pay off. I don't really want to extend to 10K but would love to be able to do 5K in 32 minutes or less, so thats my aim at this point in time. Good luck, your brave running with hubby, I would never be able to keep up with a male runner. I can pass my hubby cos he's still on the couch!!! :)

  • Yeah, OH (not hubby - that might scare him! haha!) does >10 mile runs, and a lot faster than i can poddle along, but he's happy to slow down and run with me occasionally, and I think it makes me push myself harder! And congrats on taking a whole minute off! Thanks for the encouragement, I will keep trying these intervals for a bit longer if they have worked so well for you! I'd like to get to half marathon eventually, but I think picking up my speed is no bad thing either!!

  • I do one interval run a week. it is my shortest run (20-30 mins) but it is the toughest run of the week that I do. I am exhausted when I'm done. But funnily enough since starting the intervals I have found the long runs so much easier. I ran 10k for the first time on Sat morning (previous longest was 8.5K). Plus I managed to complete the 10K in under an hour (59 mins 2 secs to be exact!). I'm pretty sure that without the interval training i wouldn't have been able to achieve this.

  • Excellent stories all around! Well done everyone :)

  • I find Weeks 2 and 3 are easier for intervals. Apart from the music, me and Week 1 do not get on.

  • I did intervals using week 1 for the first time last wednesday, I went out for a 5k on Sunday and achieved a pb of 9.26 minute mile I was well chuffed. However I found the intervals hideous! they were hard hard hard but I will give them another go tomorrow.

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