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App issues and download problems


I have tried the app a number of times but it freezes and is generally rubbish. I managed to download the first three weeks into my music player on my phone.

Ive tried to find the page i downloaded from but no luck. The only one I can find is the one were it gives the optiom to download the podcast but it only works when connected to the internet. I really need to download the rest of the weeks. Any advice or links to downloadable podcasts?

Many thanks

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I've never used the apps, only podcasts which work fine. You need the Internet either way. Can you use your phone to download the podcasts when you have a good wifi connection? They take a minute at the most even where I live and our wifi is shocking at times!


On that page, right click the link (instead of playing) and select save-as and it'll save on your computer as an mp3. I then just transferred using my charger cable.

Or if you have an iPhone, I think they are free on iTunes.


You can download all the podcasts from this webpage Of course, you need to be connected to the Internet to be able to download them !! :) They are in ZIPPED format so you need to unzip them before putting them into your phone or MP3 player


I got mine free from the itunes store. Then I connected my phone (Samsung galaxy S3 mini) to my laptop and transferred them over so I can have my mobile with me on runs whilst listening to the podcasts instead of juggling my phone and ipod.

You will need an internet connection either way, but it is worth downloading the podcasts instead of the app, I've heard about a lot of problems with the app crashing etc.


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