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Where can I download one of the podcast songs?

To be honest, I am not really going to miss the selection of songs from the podcast when I finish the programme, with the exception of one that appeared in the early weeks and which I kind of feel has become my motto song. Some of the lyrics are:

See the world as yours now

See the sun in the sky

See the open window

Through which you fly

Gotta take a chance now

Gotta move real quick

Gotta take a chance

And shine

Or something like that anyway. I have tried googling the lyrics but couldn't find out the artist. I would really like to download the song and use it moving forward. Any ideas how I can find it?

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The songs are royalty-free songs written specifically for the podcasts and as such aren't commercially available.


I've just spent an hour looking for it too. How frustrating!


I liked the one on the end of week 2 with the chorus of "just keep fighting", I couldn't find it anywhere so what I did was I ripped the song out of the podcast using an online mp3 cutter.


Keep Fighting on the Epic Indie album, by Aaron wheeler and Jayme Tovey.



Hi jenbie

i found this song in here:


ıs there anybody that found this f%^*+g song ?


Please can you amend the post So there is no swearing. Using astrix is fine but we are against outright swear words, Thanks Rfc.


Came upon this thread searching for the song. Good to know other people liked it too. :)


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