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quiet place

After work today and a very stressful meeting i was glad to get and go for a run.

I wasn't sure to go at first as the sun was beating down then i headed in a different direction to normal and ended up running around our local cemetery!!!

There is circular path which runs all the way round with pathways running off the circular pathway,. It was heavenly-- excuse the pun--- quiet, shady in places, peaceful and so enjoyable, who would have thought!! My 30min run was very pleasurable despite the heat.

I only saw two other people whilst in there, one man on a bench reading and enjoying the sun and a person tending a grave.

I can recommended trying this if you are near a cemetery especially if you are nervous about running outside as you wont feel so self conscious.

Obviously if there had been a funeral taking place i would have not entered.

But i for one will make this a regular running route.

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If it was pleasurable then it did good. Happy running.


Sounds lovely actually. Just make sure you don't fall into a freshly dug plot!


lol no chance!!


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