#ThisGirlCan campaign

Not sure if you all have seen this, but looks like a great new campaign in the UK for encouraging girls & women to exercise and commit to sport, or running, or anything that they would like to do. Some really neat stories and videos here that might help encourage you with your running and exercise journeys :) Remember #ThisGirlCan get up and go for a run and keep on going - you've got this :)



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19 Replies

  • Awesome stuff, I love this. :D

  • Pathetic sexist nonsense. Exercise is for everyone, imagine if it were the other way around? We would have Germaine Greer burning her bra....

  • I do kind of agree; exercise is for everyone and maybe they could call the campaign #ThisHumanCan or #ThisPersonCan? I like the emphasis of it on just getting out there and doing your thing, and not minding what your body looks like - the focus on being healthy and strong is important, and that applies to everyone :)


  • Don't you think that maybe there is a reason why this campagn is specifically aimed at girls and women? "Our research reveals a huge difference in the number of men and women playing sport. And it's not because females don't want to get active. Millions of women and girls are afraid to exercise because of fear of judgement." (source: sportengland.org/our-work/w...

  • I can see what you mean. There's a particular problem though with women not being expected to sweat, get red faced, wobble. So some targeting is worthwhile. Nothing wrong with a similar campaign for men too with a slightly different focus.

  • Hi Raymond16460, I think that if you had made some effort to understand the thrust of this campaign, you'd see that 'TGC 2016' was one of the most successful brand campaigns in UK last year. It has really inspired many, many girls to undertake more exercise, more often. Sport England are right to be proud of the initiative, and should be applauded for extending the campaign into 2017.

    Why should Sport England target only 'the girls'??? Extensive research showed that girls drop away from regular sport and exercise after compulsory sport at school. There are complex reasons why this should be the case. Some examples are being told that they are 'not good at sport', body issues, fear of ridicule. It's all there on Sport England website. 'The boys' seem to be able to take up sport without these concerns, and so don't need a targeted campaign.

    What we have here at HealthUnlocked 'C25K' forum is one of the most positive, uplifting and reassuring forums on the internet. We all come here for motivation and encouragement. People share their stories, advice, guidance and running lives in an honest, positive style.

    Your "Pathetic sexist nonsense" does not conform to the well-established 'house style' here, and so please take your ignorance elsewhere if you feel the need to vent.

    I think that you are wrong in your assessment of 'This Girl Can' campaign. It was thoroughly discussed on this forum last year: we agreed that it was brilliant. Data from last year's campaign supports this view.

  • Well said

  • *Standing ovation* Thanks MarkyD 😊 You, sir, are my new hero!

  • I guess when we see as many females continuing with sport as males do , excellent campaigns like this will no longer be needed. Until that time I am pleased as punch that the issue has been recognised and a solution continues to be sort.

  • It's such a shame that a feel good video like that can illicit 3 such negative words.

  • Agree it's true that exercise is for everyone. But think there are issues more relevant to women and pitching something that may grab their attention is good. Noticed there was an item on their about fitness during pregnancy. Something definitely not for the blokes !

    My Daughter has given up gym for financial and time reasons. I discussed how I run up and down canal on my own and we both agreed might not be good idea for her !. Remember a brief TV slot on women running in groups. So I wouldn't knock it. I would if it was having a knock at men. Think the bottom line is to support or celebrate something so long as it's not at someone else's expense !

    Same goes for young people. If there is something that grabs their attention to encourage sports then fine.

    I'm sure there's a video for blokes somewhere ??

  • I suspect boys are encouraged by all of the televised sports. At least in Canada, most people watch men's sports so male role models are everywhere. Very few ladies sports are televised, except for Olympic time.

  • Great campaign. The numbers of women and girls that drop off from sports as they get older seems very high. A lot of our co-ed rec teams are in dire need of women to play.

    I remember in grade school being told I wasn't allowed to try wrestling, as the girls were doing a dance unit and wrestling was only for the boys. This happened with numerous sports at our school. This was in the 90s.

  • Last year's campaign had good results apparently. Let's hope there is a repeat.

  • This is fantastic!

  • I don't happen to like the use of the word 'girl' for an adult woman personally, and I certainly don't like what looks like some poor woman trying to push a baby out whilst her coccyx is compressed (what a tragic indictment of our maternity care that is normal).

    But it is a fabulous campaign because it is based on an understanding of some of the major barriers to women being more active - worrying about not looking the part, worrying about being all sweaty and red in the face. You only have to read this forum for a short time to know these are real obstacles - however superficial they may seem to someone who doesn't feel them personally. The bottom line is that we need people to be more active, and women in particular to be more active because of the evidence that that is not happening.... so we need to get over ourselves and do what addresses the barriers.

    Doesn't mean there will never be (nor that there have not already been) other campaigns which address other demographics.

  • This campaign was a part of the push I needed to start c25K. I look like a middle aged Mum not a mean, lean running machine.

  • THIS girl (and yes, I'm an adult woman but happy to be one of the girls) has not done any sport of any description since leaving school. I always thought I couldn't run because I have big boobs and a history of back problems. But guess what? A decent sports bra and some orthotics in my running shoes to help my posture and hello...THIS GIRL CAN!!! Not terribly well, I admit, but I'm getting there :-)

  • Even in primary school you see the boys racing around after a ball and the girls sitting in groups chatting, it is an undeniable problem that women are turned off exercise early. 'Woman' might have been a better term though. I lived in Australia for a few years and was shocked at how they casually called women girls! Still anything that gets people exercising has to be a good thing.

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