Week 9 is here. Aaagh!

Tonight I ran the first run of week 9. I was completely terrified before I did it. I am finding running the longer times really hard, and I think it's because I panic (I HAVE TO DO THIS FOR HALF AN HOUR?!) - five minutes in, I'm already gasping for breath. But I told myself it was a mental thing and that I wasn't actually dying. I kept going, even though I felt like I was running in slow motion much of the time (being watched by bemused people on benches, and dog walkers with miniature Hounds of the Baskerville). I was rewarded with an amazing sense of achievement, but also an enormous and painful blood blister, so am feeling a bit low now. But I am still happy I did it, and want to say thank you to everyone who contributes to the forum - it's such a positive place to get advice and support from. I can't believe it: two runs to graduation :-)


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7 Replies

  • Well done you for carrying on and finishing R1W9! Graduation very soon! I still feel a sense of wonder that I can run for 30 minutes with out actually dying ;-) It's definitely a mind game with the longer runs tho. I still find the first 5 minutes really hard and convince myself that I can't really run, I need the loo, I'm thirsty, it's too hot and what if I get dehydrated etc etc. By now I know that it is just what Barney019 calls the gremlin on my shoulder. If if refuse to listen I settle into a rhythm and everything settles down and I actually start to enjoy myself about 15 mins in. Hope your blister gets better quickly and look foward to your graduation blog! :-)

  • You sound just like me! I have a panic attack before every run and wonder how I'm going to get through them. The truth is that I haven't failed any of the runs and I did week 8 run 2 today so I'm not far behind you. I think this programme is amazing and I never thought I'd be able to run for 28 minutes non stop. Good luck with the rest of your runs.

  • Absolutely brilliant, well done you. The point is, you DID it, as Pingle says it's a mind game! You overcame your fear and self doubt and kept going. We're proud of you, and you must be sooo proud of yourself! Bask in the glory.

  • Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone, it really helps :-) Glad to hear I'm not the only one with the panic and the 'gremlin on my shoulder!'. Here's to us, couch25K, and carrying on! :-)

  • Hi! You're at the same stage as me exactly. For the first time since starting C25K, I finished jogging 5 mins early....I thought I was going to expire! Sun too hot, hill coming up, thirsty, ahhhh! Feel a bit disappointed, but will try in the early morning next time when it is cooler. I've just downloaded the C25K 5K+ and had a listen, and it seems quite a challenge running to a specific beat (150 initially). I might repeat the W9 runs 6 times not 3. Keep going!

  • I am going to start my first run of week 9 in an hour and I also feel exactly the same. Now I am nervous and anxious and thinking that i won't be able to finish. As you say the first 5 minutes are quite hard but I managed to run 29 minutes last Wednesday so i hope that i will do it today if I refuse to listen to this gremlim!

  • Thank you for your comments, good luck with your runs, and keep fighting the gremlins :-) I did W9R2, but then went on holiday for a few days. I am going to try and do my final run tomorrow morning, which is a week after my last one, so I am very nervous. Will let you all know how I get on. It's the longest gap I've had in the programme, and completely unintentional (as well as the days away I also had some migraine-type headaches, due to hormones, so running was completely impossible). I'm nervous just thinking about it, but will go in the early morning so it's nice and cool. All together now: aaaagh! :-)

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