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Week 4 (ish) Run 2

Hello lovely people,

How are we all?

I've been finding it more difficult to schedule in jogs since the clocks went forward due to the fact I only run in darkness. Not actually a vampire but might as well be! Been waiting till at least 9pm so this morning I decided enough was enough and, before work, left the house at 5 and did week 4 (ish) run 2. Inordinately proud of myself as I love bed and being lazy generally.

Lovely Laura is keeping me going - have been trying to bear in mind what she says about technique but it's not sticking yet. My favourite thing is those bursts of a few seconds where you almost forget you're running; all those horrible negative thoughts dissipate, in fact all thoughts do and you're just in the moment. Have read a lot of comments about week 5 being very hard so am just hoping I manage it!

Have a great rest of the weekend.



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Why do you run in the dark? What's the matter with a sunny morning?


Hello Ethel :-) I used to run in the dark - but as the days have lengthened I've just had to bite the bullet and get out there - gulp - when people can see me! Do you know what? That stage you mentioned, where you stop thinking about stuff? Well, it works for running in the daylight too - I still feel conspicuous for the first few minutes but soon forget everybody else :-) Well done you for getting out there and doing it! Week 4 run2? You're almost half way there now! Keep it up :-)


My guess is that when you overcome your fear of being seen jogging you will achieve new highs. You are doing this for your self and running in the daylight or even in the moderate sun results in health improvements. Keep it up and you will make it through!


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