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W7 r3 if I'm not in action I'm in traction

I must be setting a world record here for the longest time ever taken to complete this program. Im either going great guns or I'm laid out with a sporting injury. And that's roughly a three week cycle I'm noticing! The husband laughs at me but they are sporting injuries I promise. I was only away mountain biking three weeks ago and clocked up a red run and 24 miles one day till I pulled a muscle in my back and have been out for nearly 3 weeks. I wouldn't mind but Im a rubbish mountain biker anyway and i only like going up the hills, and find it terrifying coming down again! But I'm hoping to get back on track and tonight I headed out and managed nearly 3 miles in 30mins - a world record for me! Although I did meet my mountain biker friends out on one of their adventures and I was very glad at that point I was running downhill, and not up it as I'm still terribly slow!! but anyway I'm back, I'm improving and the end is in sight, but the question is how many more injuries will I get before i graduate?

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Try to take it easy Sparky.

You'll get there sooner rather than later. All the best.


Who cares? It sounds as if you're having a ball!


It sounds as if you are doing really well anyway! Just try to take it a bit steady so that you graduate in one piece. You must be pretty fit with all these hills!


I'm sorry if I come across sounding a bit more direct, but quite frankly, you're not doing yourself any favours. It sounds like you push yourself way to hard, and you suffer the consequences as a result of it. The constant injuries are stopping you from ever getting really fit, and I bet they're also not very much fun, even if you put on a brave smile and pretend that it doesn't bother you that much.

That was the "harsh love". Now for the more constructive feedback.

Try to do yourself a favour and follow the programme as it was intended. That means pushing yourself a bit, but not so hard that you end up being unable to get out on the next run. It means pacing yourself, and yes, it can be frustrating to take it slowly and easily when you know that you can go faster or longer. But millions of runners worldwide have gone through the c25k programme, and it works.

So please... for the sake of your sanity, your leg muscles and your eventual graduation: Try to take it easy and go not further or faster than you need to for the time being. Once you're through the programme, you will have built enough fitness and stamina that you can start to do all the wonderful tough things you long you.

All the best, and let us know how you get on.


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