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So frustrated!

I feel I'm going backwards. Will I ever finish a week 9 run? Monday my calf muscles were so painful I only managed 15 minutes of the actual run. Today my knees were so painful after 5 minutes I gave up. I have history with my knees and panicked , I'm sure I could have gone further. I'm doing the programme on my treadmill and I even moved it to face out into the garden for a change. I did stretches beforehand and all was well for a few minutes, I had a nice rhythm going and then the pain shot through my knees.

Think I may need to rest the bones and muscles a bit longer and maybe go back a few weeks. Any advice ?

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that doesn't sound too good ,speaking from the IC with Knee pain ... have you had your gait analysis done ? new shoes?

I would definitely rest ,follow the PRICE etiquette see how it feels in a couple of days . can be lots of reasons for it .. my knee problem stems from an in balance in my quads and a previous ankle injury ..

better to be safe than sorry i.e running more and making it worse . good luck hope it isn't anything serious :D


I'd see the doctor if there's history of knee problems - I'd also go for gait analysis as Rob says, if you haven't already. (I still haven't managed to sort it out for myself though! )


Thanks for the advice. I will try to sort out a gait analysis soon. I bought new shoes a month ago and they have been fine. I think I may have run differently to normal as I was trying to find a nice smooth pace. I used to run and gave up when my left knee started dislocated! That was 25 years ago and I have loved getting back into it. I don't know if part of this is just a fear of it happening again or what but I shall get it checked with doctor if it isn't better after a weeks rest. I will get through the 9 weeks (well currently it's 11 weeks since I started but hey ho) and I will carry on running - my goal it too go for a lovely run around Greenwich Park in the sunshine after work :-)


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