"Ladies" problems keeping me couch bound

On Friday evening i took off for my run, it was cut short by a phone call but i was glad.. i had ZERO energy,. Saturday i awoke to an early visit from mother nature.. Cramps, sickness, vomiting.. whole lot :'( still feeling weak & faint this morning but hoping to run after work.. bit disappointed as i now i have skipped two runs i know this evening is going to be difficult .. I'm repeating week one for the second time and was just hitting my minute runs before this hiccup.. Feeling crappy but determined.

Any other ladies experienced this? Im also wondering if my new "healthy"way is why my monthly were irregular.

Thanks in advance.


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8 Replies

  • You should try 'Man Flu'! :-)

    Seriously though, glad I don't have that to deal with.

  • Man Flu is a killer.. :)

  • You've got my sympathies :(

    I've not had the same issues - but we've all had bad, tough or disappointing runs, and it's frustrating.

    Don't worry about the extra days rest - your body obviously needed them.

    Your determined - so you're going to smash it tonight! Go for it! (We are all routing for you)


  • Thanks so much, :) i did go last night and recorded best pace and distance, so thrilled.. :) feeling so much better about it today and back on track.. :)

  • I feel for you - it is so disappointing when you are all set for a run and this gets in the way. However, I have in the past decided to go anyway, thinking I would take it slowly and weirdly ended up doing one of my fastest times. Also, I vaguely remembered that Paula Radcliffe won a Marathon with cramps so I googled to check and found this article. Interesting. Anyway, I hope you feel better and are back to running as soon as possible. bbc.com/sport/0/athletics/3...

  • thanks for the link, inspirational read :) I will in future definitely get up and go.. because i feel amazing today after last nights run, my app recorded best pace and distance and i just felt like it was a terrible run,.. Next month i will most defiantly get out even if its just a walk.. thanks for the confidence boost :)

  • You did not skip those runs, you just postponed them for perfectly good reasons. They are out there waiting for a recovered you!

  • thanks so much, :) I did need a little rest i think.. was back out last night and nailed best pace and distance.. looking forward to tomorrows run already. :)

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