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Easter Bunny Mode

It must be the effect of the Easter Bunny, or me turning my brain off for a week of annual leave but I topped Saturday's inaugural 4 mile run with my first 5 mile run.

What was even better was to see my partner walking towards me during my mile 4 at the inspirational harbourside at our new home as he finished run 2 of week 1 of C25k!

Definitely addicted to running now and hoping to pass it on.

Very happy!

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A lovely run and fab that your partner is on board too! X :-)


Yes it's great that he's been inspired by me as he's such a support to me in other arenas. He ruptured his achilles playing cricket a number of years ago but could not take time out from his business for surgery so has been fearful of taking on this type of challenge. He's going slowly to plan and always takes his phone - just in case...


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