Well, just back from the first run of week 6. I finished, didn't stop, but I didn't feel right.

I just can't put my finger on it.

The 20 minute run, at the end of week 5 was easy, compared to this morning.

I'm not sure if it was because I ran in the morning; I normally run late afternoon after work or if it was because I'm not feeling 100%.

Maybe even I'm over analysing and it was just a bad run?

But has anyone else found this run hard?

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  • Practically everyone finds week 6 difficult after the high of 5/3. Dont stress it. You did it and can move on. Only 1 more interval run remains.

    Good luck. Nearly there now :)

  • I agree, going back to intervals seems hard after the 20min high. You've only got one more interval run to do though!

  • I felt the same today, generally run after work, but ran this morning after a lie in, I've just completed run 3 of week 8 & really struggled & felt sick, will stick to later runs, nice to no it's not just me.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Maybe, for us, it's better to run after work as it gets rid of the stresses & strains of the day?

  • Week 6 R1 was my toughest run of the C25K, you are definitely not alone...but you did it! Big well done, onwards and upwards now :)

    Also I found daytime running harder for weeks and weeks, much preferring to run after work, but that seems to be changing now with time and practice :)

  • I found w6r1 not too bad but I've just done w6r2 in late afternoon (I normally run in morning) & I don't feel like it went that well although I did complete it.

    May be we are true creatures of habit!!

  • yep, yep - did W6R1 this morning; I usually feel quite energised after the exercise, but today I've wilted - almost feels like a stomach strain, quite weird. The only major change from previous weeks is the clocks changed a couple of days ago so eating and sleeping habits have had to change.

    I hope that's the underlying problem.

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