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The dreaded W6R1

I did my W6R1 this morning and really enjoyed it but I'm left feeling kind of odd about it all. Not bad but not good, looking forward to Friday but not. I don't know if it has something to do with the intervals and how much I dragged myself through the previous run of 20 minutes in week 5. I've got one more run with intervals and I'm already starting to have a wobble about it. I know I can do it but having doubts with running without the intervals. I've done 20 minutes so I can do 22 minutes surely?

Three positives from today -

1. I covered 4 km.

2. I didn't wear my knee support and my knee feels good all be it a little loose.

3. I didn't get stitch.

Anyone else out there having or had a wobble about running with no intervals?

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This run seems to be the low point for lots of people, after the high of running 20 mins at the end of week 5. I know I found it tougher than I expected. My only advice is stick with the programme. I'm now on W8R2 and would never gave believed I would be running for 28 mins. The runs are easy but the sense of achievement of completing each hurdle is great.

Keep focuses in the positives.

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My eyes are well and truly set on the graduation badge but it's no surprise that the gremlins have found their way into my head eventually!!

I think breathing is the main issue I found on the 20 minute run but today I found a way to make breathing a little easier so my next run will give me chance to try again and hopefully nail it ready for the next one with no intervals.

Your so close - I bet you can smell it!! Good luck for your graduation run. 🎉


Yes I was quite scared to let go of the intervals but found the return to intervals harder than I expected. Somehow the all running runs just seem easier. Maybe that's what week 6 is all about. Good luck with the longer run. Hope you actually enjoy it when it comes.


Trixamme , you're doing brilliantly. I think that all of us get gremlins at this stage.

Don't overthink it-you really have done the hard work already.

You've already won the physical battle-just stay tough mentally. :)

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The gremlins will visit even after years of running I keep hearing, so don't worry about them too much, just keep the end goal in sight. That is exactly what I've been doing and I'm now in week 9!

I've found the run without an interval odd but strangely comfortable. Once you get over the ten minute 'ouch ouch' hurdle the rhythm tends to come easier I find. Then it is just a case of arguing with myself, 'why do you want to stop? Do you hurt anywhere? Are you really that tired? Are you a quitter?' You get the idea! Keep at it, not long to go now, x

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Hello LonelyWalker, can I ask about the 10 minute barrier you mention please? Is this something ️lots of people struggle with? Thanks!


Someone explained to me in a simple way that it is because the oxygen levels in your body after starting to run are needed suddenly elsewhere, then your body adjusts to sending more to where to it is needed in your feet! There is more sensible science to it, but that made enough sense to me to help battle through it!


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