Graduation badges Missing

We seem to be having a little trouble with the graduation badges. They have disappeared from some names overnight. I have emailed support and asked them to sort it out and I will leave it with them for a couple of days but just in case they have trouble could you please put your name down here if it's gone and I will manually put them back after the weekend. I know they are important to you and will do my best to get them back.

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  • Mine has gone, but hadn't noticed til you said!

  • Eeeek!!!! My badge has gone!

  • Mine too. :( Is it because I missed a run :)

  • Yes, Stef.

  • Cheeky :) I promise to make it up tonight :)

  • Yup, mine's gone - thanks RealFoodie

  • They are Back :):):):):) It's like graduating all over again :) Thank you

  • They have fixed them, great service from the tech team.

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